Steel Erection And Construction – A Quick Brief

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Structural steel is not just ideal for big agricultural buildings, skyscrapers or garages, but there are end numbers of attributes which steel frameworks offers and used widely for construction purposes.
Steel frameworks are sustainable, affordable and durable. Among so many benefits that steel offers, it’s the feature of versatility which has allowed architects, specifiers and designers to achieve their dreams.The need of maintenance is minimal
For commercial developments, stadiums and various other construction requirements the use of structural steel is essential. Steel is the most sustainable material for construction doesn’t shrink and remains strong as well as rust free under water. Thus, many building owners prefer structural steel erection construction over concrete.

Steel Structure
Steel Structure

Construction methods:

There are many structural steel construction methods. Steel construction is also known as steel fabrication. Following are some types of steel construction methods:

  • Convention steel construction method: In this method of construction of steel frame structure the steel fabricators will cut the members of steel to rectify the lengths in a right way and perform welding to join them together. It can be performed completely at the construction site or some of the work can be done in the shop so time is reduced and labors can get better working conditions.
  • Light gauge steel construction method: This construction type is like wood framed construction and quite common in the parts of Europe and North America. The only difference in this method is that instead of wood light gauge steel membranes are used and there are thin forms of metal sheets which are bent in the shape of Z and C sections. It is executed for residential and small buildings.
  • Bolted steel construction: This construction method is performed when Structural Steel Fabricators have to produce painted and finished steel parts that are shipped on the construction site needs to be bolted at correct place. It is the most preferred methodology because huge amount of fabrication work can be done in the workshops using right machines, lighting and work conditions. As the work which is done at site usually involves lifting of steel membranes with the help of cranes and bolting, the work which is performed at the site is quite quick. An example of bolted steel construction which is fabricated, shipped, designed and erected is pre- engineered buildings.

Construction speed:

Steel structures can be erected quickly and the accuracy of steel components enhances the speed of erection process. It is useful in many trades to accomplish the task of construction smoothly. The delivery time helps to save financial resources whenever a building project is executed and it helps in achieving a concrete frame. The steel structures erection speed is one of the most important characteristics to select steel over traditional methods of building.
It also reduces the disruption that is made to near buildings, roads or city projects. Because of short construction time, steel structures are very helpful in saving money on perquisites of the site and it also offers earlier ROI and decreased interest charges.

Details about the steel frame structure:

The steel frame structure detail holds a lot of importance as it is often used for residential buildings, high rise buildings, temporary structures, warehouse buildings and industrial buildings. The strength of steel structures is immense and ideal to make powerful buildings.

Steel frames are very flexible and bend without getting cracked. The buildings made of steel structures can be flexed when these are pushed due to wind or earthquake.

Another great characteristic of steel structures are ductility and plasticity. When great force is applied steel will not crack unlike glass, but will bend slowly out of shape which is useful during natural disasters as it is like a warning sign to the inhabitants so they can escape as soon as possible. There are rare chances for a steel structure to collapse. It performs better than any other material during an earthquake. The only drawback is, in case of fire, the steel will lose its strength swiftly so it has to be wrapped with the help of spray on material and boards.

The advantages of steel frame structures are many and it is considered to be a better option when it comes to selection of construction materials.

Other vital things to consider:

There are other things to ponder upon when you are thinking about steel construction and erection. Though it is packed with great characteristics, but it is a little more expensive than other materials. The good thing is steel can be recycled end number of times and its properties will not get affected at any point of time. It is also very adaptive during design changes. Therefore, it is considered to be more viable when it comes to price. The need of maintenance is minimal with metal stud framing and it can be fabricated in a simple way. So, you will certainly save a lot.

The cost will not bother you if you go for a reputed supplier who is skilled, certified and implements supreme standards during the complete production process. Thus, from beginning to end, the complete steel frame construction will be a painless process for you.

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