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Structural analysis is a very significant and major field of study in civil engineering.  Subjects like Engineering Mechanics, Theory of Structure, and Structural Engineering all includes different methods and techniques to solve the analysis of a structure.

Structure is defined as combination of members and elements like beams, columns, slabs and footings that are joined monolithically to resist required load magnitudes satisfying the serviceability requirements of deflection and crack widths having specific duration or length of life. 

Structural Analysis

There are some typical well renowned methods to analyze the structure, some of few are; moment distribution method, Euler Bernuoli’s Beam theory, Portal frame and cantilever method, method of joints and methods of section, stiffness method, flexibility method, finite element method etc. 
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What is RISA 2D?

The software that I am going to share with you is a must for civil engineers as far as testing their results of analysis is concerned. It will help you a lot, it will not only determine the variation in the magnitude of bending moment, shearing force but also gives you a precise values and variation of deflection along with the span. 
Yeah the software is RISA 2D, it is a complete structural member analysis software that will let you model your structure in a very easy to use cad type user friendly interface and then by just few clicks you can place the restraints, loads of all types including point load, lateral load, uniformly distributed load, gradually varied load etc. 

About RISA

RISA 2D has been developed by RISA Technologies, founded in 1987 by collaboration among software engineers and structural and  civil engineers. This software is being used in more than 70 countries and most of the design firms in US. There are other professional design softwares by RISA some of them are, 


Features of RISA 2D

RISA 2D has a very powerful Analysis and design setup with the help of which you can rapidly design frames, trusses, continuous beams, walls and everything in between. The powerful top-notch presentation of results make this software a unique among all competitors it includes both graphical and numerical visualization capabilities to let you get presentation quality results quickly and easily. 
  • Steel Design Codes: AISC 360-10/05: ASD & LRFD, AISC 2nd & 3rd: LRFD, AISC 9th: ASD, CSA-S16-09/05/01/CSA-S16.1-94, BS 5950-1: 2000, 
  • ENV 1993-1-1: 2005/1992, IS 800: 2007/1998, AS 4100-1998, NZS 3404: 1997 including local shape databases
  • Concrete Design Codes: ACI 318-11/08/05/02/99, CSA A23.3-04/94, 
  • NTC-DF 2004, BS 8110-1: 1997, BS EN 1992-1-1: 2004, EN 1992-1-1: 1992, IS 456: 2000, AS 3600-2001, NZS 3101: 1995, SBC 304-2007
  • Cold Formed Steel Design Codes: AISI NAS-10/07/04/01/99: ASD & LRFD, 
  • CSA S136-07/04/01: LSD, CANACERO 07/04/01: ASD & LRFD
  • Aluminum Design Codes: AA ADM1-10/05: ASD
  • Wood Design Codes: AF&PA NDS-12/08/05/01/97: ASD wood design, Structural composite lumber, multi-ply, full sawn, Glulam
  • Masonry Design Codes: ACI 530-11/08/05/02/99: ASD & STRENGTH, 
  • UBC 1997: ASD & STRENGTH

Educational Tutorial of  RISA 2D

Here is a pdf document that contains Tutorials and working sheets for using of RISA 2D. 

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