ShapeDo – Smart and precise management of construction sites

Saad Iqbal | 🗓️Modified: September 11, 2016 | ⏳Read Time: 2 min | 👁Post Views: 126

ShapeDo offers a management tool called TrackChanges for designing construction and infrastructure projects for the purpose of saving time and money. The tool focuses engineering information that makes it possible to monitor changes and adjustments between different versions of the plan and various parties. It makes engineering information visually accessible immediately, while saving on resources. The project mangers in the field can monitor the many changes in their plans made by all the parties. During this time period, many changes are still being made, which causes great confusion among the various parties involved in the construction and can lead to financial loss, and delay in the work.

Founded by CEO Ari Isaacs in 2014, ShapeDo has raised $650,000 from the Incentive incubator and the Pix Vine Capital fund. The company took part in the 8200 EISP and Siftech accelerators.


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