Can We Put Swimming Pool Above Ground On Pavers?

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Yes, you can put swimming pool on top of pavers but only if it has a solid base. So, make sure that pavers are on solid earth; leveled and are covered with a thick layer of 3 to 4 inches of compacted stone dust.

For durability of the above ground pool, it’s best to have a gravel above-ground pool foundation along with a pool pad. It is in fact, the best base for an above-ground pool.

Can We Put Swimming Pool Above Ground On Pavers?

Can I put above ground pool on pavers?

A swimming pool is a great way to enjoy swimming in home yards. One can enjoy swimming in summers at his home yard and fresh air outdoor.

 There are different types of swimming pools on the basis of its location.

  • It can be a structure made underground and covered with the shed
  • The other option is swimming pool made overground on pavers.

The underground pools are more common and mostly preferred for construction. The construction of underground pools is not as much complex compared to overground.

The decision of construction of overground pools depends upon:

  • The ground strength to bear water pressure
  • Budget
  • Resources available for the project
  • Aesthetical concerns

Types of above ground pools

Above ground pool can be further divided into two types it can be inflatable model that take few hours to set up on ground and other is permanent type of above ground pool.

The best thing about inflatable pool is that it can be installed anywhere within few hours provided you have enough space available.

Installing an above ground pool on patio is perfectly possible but if there are other options available then one should consider those first.

Mind your safety

One of the main factors consider before installing the pool above paver is safety. The concrete does not provide much cushion to the floor of pool.

 Once the pool is filled with water the weight of water can cause the floor to crack or can damage it over time. This issue is more common in colder climates where there is more frost heave.

The pool on solid base can lead to issues of stability so selection of suitable base material is one of the main issues occur during construction of pool.

Many pool installation experts due to these difficulties and reasons suggest that above ground pool is not a good option, but it does not mean that overground pool is not possible.

Factors to convers for building an above-ground pool on top of pavers

There are few things which one should consider before installing an above ground pool on patio. The most important deciding factors are given below

 Size of pool and space available

The size of pool is one of the important factors for deciding the overground pool. The large size pool is subjected to more stresses, so condition of ground and good material availability is necessary for it so that it can bear water pressure. The second important point is suitable space available on patio. It should be make sure that there is adequate space surrounding it so that people can get in and out of water.

Level and condition of ground

The other important factor is level and condition of ground. Before installation it should make sure that the ground on which pool is to be constructed should be level and not have loose pavers. If ground is not level and have loose paver, then location of pool should be shifted.

In a cold environment condition the loose pavers create a lot of problems due to frost heave conditions. As the temperature at night drops the water in soil frost and will cause pavers to move around.

Portable or permanent pool

The last factor is whether it is portable type or permanent structure. The permanent pools are constructed under pool experts’ guidance and all the loading and ground conditions are observed because it will be permanent structure.

The portable type of pools is a prefabricated type of structure which can be erected at point of intended use and dismantled after it its use and then shift to new location. This type of pool is very easy to set up on pavers provided you have suitable base material. It is common for use for short duration purposes.

Suitable base material for above ground pool

Crushed stone and mason sand are good base material for installing the pool above ground. They sit between the liner of pool and the surface it is installed on to provide proper drainage and cushioning. It reduces the risk of puncturing of liners and chance of cracking of pavers under its own weight.

Since base material is made of small, crushed rocks it also need to be covered to protect pools liner. For this purpose, pool pad is placed between base material and liner. The pool pads are made of geotextiles and provide extra cushioning for liners and protection from punctures.

For temporary builds there is no need of covering it in sand or gravel. In this situation a pool pad can be sufficient.

Advantages of Above ground pool

Above ground pool provide some benefits which are explained below

  • The construction of a pool above ground on paver saves space and people with smaller space can still enjoy having a pool.
  • It also saves time, energy and money because it is constructed above ground. While the underground pools require excavation and then complete construction of different layers for pool. This construction process takes time and also takes large investment due to excavating and then constructing a pool. While in above ground pool construction is carried out on pavers with good base material which costs less and save time as well.
  • Having a pool raised above ground helps to provide better drainage. This also reduces the possibility of corrosion or rust especially when setting up a steel pool frame.

Disadvantages of pool above ground

  • Constructing a pool above ground also comes with several drawbacks. The water may cause discoloration which spoil the beauty of patio. It may not be noticed while the pool is in place, but it will be very apparent once it is removed. 
  • The above ground pool when filled with water have large weight which can affect the pavers especially when it does not have well compacted material and can cause the center of patio to sink over time. If this happens it will cause further settlement and damage the pool structure.
  • Pool constructed above ground on pavers is more difficult to clean and maintain as compared to underground pool.


The construction of an above-ground pool on pavers is not a preferred method but it is perfectly possible. Above ground pool construction helps people with small gardens to have a lot of summer fun, but this is only if the construction is done properly under supervision of civil design engineer.

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