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Protection of foundation structures against attack by soils and ground water
A site investigation in one form or another is always required for any engineering or building structure. The investigation may range in scope from a simple examination of the surface soils with or without a few shallow trial pits, to a detailed study of the soil and ground water conditions to a considerable depth below the surface by means of boreholes and in-situ and laboratory tests on the materials encountered. The extent of the work depends on the importance and foundation arrangement of the structure, the complexity of the soil conditions, and the information which may be available on the behavior of existing foundations on similar soils.

Title of the Book

Foundation Design and Construction

Author of the Book

MJ Tomlinson

Contents of the Book

Site Investigation and Soil Mechanics
The General principles of foundation design
Foundation Design in Relation to Ground Movement
Spread and Deep Shaft foundations
Buoyancy Rafts and Basements (Box Foundations)
Bridge Foundations
Piles Foundations
Piled Foundations Structural design and construction methods
Foundation construction
Shoring and Underpinning

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