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6+ Trending types of Windows for 2018

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A nice looking, appealing and attractive home is a fantasy for all humans. A home that has apposite provision of lighting arrangement, has well ventilated rooms with feeling of freshness is a desire of every one building his house. To satisfy these demands doors and windows are provided as means of light and air into the rooms of house.
However, in recent years the doors and windows are built in such a fashion that adds to the beauty and charm along with the needs of ventilation. So keeping in view the importance of this vital provision today I would like to share with you some of the trending windows. Our visitors must know what is in and what is out in the fashion of ventilation facilities.
Giving your mood a sensation of delight, well-lit environment throughout the day, aerated atmosphere within rooms; presence of windows not only give enormous benefits to you but also convert your home into an attractive and nice-looking paradise.

Oriel Windows

In ancient times, style of Oriel Windows was more illustrious in palaces which are well-known by the name of “Jharoka” in South East Asia and other continents. The presence of Oriel Windows is very imperative for both the owner and the house.
Oriel windows are provided on the external wall of the first floor.  According to some construction experts the presence of these oriels and amount of windows directly reveal about the wealth and good luck of the house owners. This style of window is becoming famous these days and the window can be of any type of material constructed in the external wall of the house.
Oriel Windows

Windows Projecting out to the Gardens

In recent years outdoor entertainment area is a must to have in modern houses. But in 2018, construction of windows opening in the outdoor gardens is also getting popular and this style has been trending in both West and East. These windows are constructed on the external ground floor of the house.
When the windy air holding fragrance of leaves and flowers enters into the house through these windows it had a healthy impact of the occupants. They can view the garden and its surrounding heart-appealing scene. So now if your house is big enough to encompass a garden than just now start converting your external walls with glazed windows and start enjoying the scenes of nature.
Windows Projecting Out to Gardens

Shutter Windows

The house entrance hallway is frequently used by inhabitants as well as guests. It is a way of going from one room to the other.   Entrance of the house can be beneath the stairs, just front of the gate or can be anywhere. So to make it well-lit and well aired the use of shutter windows is very beneficial. It will enhance the beauty of the hallway, make it brighter and will eventually increase the beauty of your house.
Shutter Windows

Fixed Windows

These windows are free from tension of opening and closing. This type of window is used where minimal chances of change exist. With fixed window the effective controlling of light is easier.  These windows are fixed in the frame of Aluminum or wood and can be fixed at any suitable place.
Fixed Windows

Black Windows

Use of Shadowy windows will provide your home the style of West. These types of windows are made with black glass and are mostly used at external walls of residential houses. With this window you can view from the inside but the one from out can’t look inside.
Black Windows

Windows Full of Attraction

To enhance the beauty of windows, the use of wallpapers on the glass is also a trendy style. The wallpapers can be of any design and type depending on the location where it would be used. This type of style can give very attractive look to your house and can multiply the appeal of your room.

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