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As we all know fluid includes gases and liquids, things which are compressible and sometimes non-compressible and doesn\’t have a shape as a bulk but might have fixed volume in case of liquids. Mechanics is a branch of physics that deals with state of rest or motion of something or somebody   under the influence of an external force. 
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Definition of Fluid Mechanics 

\”“Fluid Mechanics with Engineering Applications by Finnemore and Franzini” is used as a textbook\”

Thus we can define fluid mechanics as the science of liquids and gases. 

Fluid mechanics involves many of the same principles of solid statics and dynamics, but fluids is a more complex subject because solids involve the study of forces on discrete bodies, while in fluid bodies flow together. 

Fluid Mechanics with Engineering Mechanics by E. John Finnemore and Joseph B. Franzini

Applications of Fluid Mehanics

Fluid mechanics has huge number of applications in our everyday life, some of them includes, designing of water supply system, dam spillway designs, shock absorbers and brakes in vehicles, design of ships and submarines, design of aircrafts and rocks, design of windmills and turbines, design of bearings etc. 

Solution Manual to Fluid Mechanics by Franzini and Finnemore

In almost whole of the world, “Fluid Mechanics with Engineering Applications by Finnemore and Franzini” is used as a textbook, the book is written in very simple English with practical applications along with thousands of practical field oriented numerical to test the knowledge and judgment of the fluid engineer. 

In this post I am going to share with you the Solution Manual of Fluid Mechanics with Engineering Application 10th Edition by Finnemore and Franzini. It starts from all of the simple problems and reach out to the difficult ones as well. In each of the start of the chapter you get the whole idea and division of the problems which are difficult ones and which are easy ones thus for your time saving you can reach out the level you think you are in. 

Title of the Book

Fluid Mechanics 
With Engineering Applications

Edition of the Book

10Th Edition


E. John Finnemore
Joseph B. Franzini

Contents of the Book

1 Properties of Fluids
2 Fluid Statics
3 Basics of Fluid Flow
4 Energy Considerations in Steady Flow
5 Momentum and Forces in Fluid Flow
6 Similtude and Dimensional Analysis
7 Steady Incompressible Flow in Pressure Conduits
8 Forces on Immersed bodies
9 Steady Flow in Open Channels
10 Fluid Measurements
11 Unsteady Flow Problems
12 Steady flow of compressible fluids
13 Ideal Flow Mathematics 
14 Hydraulic Machinery Pumps
15 Hydraulic Machinery – Turbines

Preview of the Book

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