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18 Unbelievable Discoveries During Construction [VIDEO]

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This is quite peculiar. Builders were out building a basketball court in Yucatan, when they also dug up an ancient ball court thought to be used by the Maya people. Ball games have been around since 1400 BC, and the Maya were very much into ball games and had some pretty unusual games that they played there, which included human sacrifice. 


7 – Going back in time… 

During construction of a 250-room waterfront hotel in Virginia, workers were excited to find that they’d dug up the remains of a perfect foundation of a warehouse that historians feel is the city’s very first public building. Considered to be built in 1755, the foundation is made with large wooden beams and the flooring is a re-purposed ship’s mast. 2 months later, they uncovered a 50-foot-long ship thought to be used during the Revolutionary war. 

6 – Incorporating the old into the new…

July 2013 saw a more unusual discovery by Apple… they were working on their new store in Madrid and unearthed parts of an old hospital. It’s been confirmed the hospital was from the 15th century, and housed patients hit by the dreaded plague. The building was destroyed in 1854, and Apple have actually incorporated some of the old building into their new spaces. 

5 – Not all treasure is silver and gold… 

We head to China where during a project to widen the roads, construction workers discovered a large box. When the box was opened, a 700-year old mummy was found inside. Thought to be from the Ming Dynasty, 1368 – 1644, she’s believed to be a high ranking woman from that time. 

4 – Aged beautifully… 

And after 200,000 years, these Ice-Age Era fossils were unearthed in San Diego. Construction was underway for a 636 unit subdivision when the discovery took place. Besides the fossils, there was a skull and part of a skeleton from either an antique or giant bison and bones from a wooly mammoth.

3 – Hidden Treasure… 

A slightly different discovery, Tim Jones had bought an old jewelry store was he was having renovated. Workers discovered a secret stash of diamonds, and the previous owner had passed away since. The previous owner’s daughter is trying to claim them for herself, and as you can imagine there is quite the legal battle underway. 

2 – If the walls could speak… 

It was 2010 when some construction was taking place in Dorset. Whilst digging, the crew found the remains of more than 50 executed Vikings. The findings placed the skeletons from Scandinavia, and they were more than likely executed sometime between 910 and 1030 AD. 

1 – Digging up the past… 

Santa Cruz is the location where 4-Million-Year-Old Whale Fossils were found, about 6 miles from the ocean. However, that area used to be underwater! September 2015 was when workers were building new family homes and uncovered the ancient fossils. The bones were in great condition, to the pleasant surprise of archaeologists.

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