10 Rebar – #10 Rebar weight per foot – How much does #10 rebar weigh?

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Are you looking to know how much #10 rebar weight per foot or how much does #10 rebar weigh? If yes, you’ve just arrived at the right place.

Reinforcement comes in variety of diameter sizes and the most common sizes are #4, #6, #8, and #11. Reinforcement bar sizes are specified as “#” followed by diameter in 1/8th of an inch. So, #10 rebar is of size 8/8 = 1.27 inch or 32.26 mm.

Now in terms of weight of rebar, the most common unit used is per foot and per meter. But in this blog post we’ll only deal with the unit weight of rebar per linear foot or rebar weight per foot.

#10 rebar weight per foot

In US/Imperial Steel reinforcing bar or just bar is of size #10 read as No. 10 or #10 rebar. It is 1/8 inch in metric system measurement; so 10 x 1/8 inch = 1.27 inch or 32.26mm approximately.

You can calculate the unit weight of rebar per foot by using formula d*d/533 where d is diameter in mm where as the formula will give you unit weight per foot.

While using d^2/533;

For #10 rebar we can write above equation as (32.26x 32.26)/533 = 1.953kg/foot

So, #10rebar weighs 1.953kg/foot or in mks system it will be 4.303lb/foot.

This weight is called unit weight of rebar or mass per unit length. That means that if you take a unit length of rebar; it will have a weight expressed above. The unit weight of different sizes of rebar is as follows:

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Unit Weight of 8mm or #2.5 rebar is 0.265lb/foot, for 10mm or #3 rebar, it could be 0.376lb/foot, for 12mm or #4 rebar, it could be 0.668lb/ft, for 16mm or #5 rebar, it could be 1.043lb/ft, for 20mm or #6 rebar, it could be 1.502lb/ foot, for 22mm or #7 rebar, it could be 2.044lb/ ft, for 25mm or #8 rebar, it could be 2.67lb/ foot, for 28mm or #9 rebar, it could be 3.40lb/ foot, for 32mm or #10 rebar, it could be 4.303lb/ foot and unit weight for 36mm or #11 rebar, it could be 5.313lb/foot.

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#10 rebar has a nominal diameter of 1.27inches or 32.26mm with nominal area of 1.27 square inches or 819 square millimeters. This size of rebar comes in high-grade reinforcement product that is mostly used for heavy applications and structures like dams, retaining walls, abutments, flyovers, girders, trenches, and foundations.

We can summarize as:

Imperial Bar Size“Soft” Metric SizeWeight per unit length (lb/ft)Mass per unit length (kg/ft)Nominal Diameter (in)Nominal Diameter (mm)Nominal Area(in2)Nominal Area (mm2)

We all know that concrete is a brittle material that is strong in compression but weak in tension. So at add a bit of ductility we use reinforcement. Rebar enhances the flexural or tensile strength of the concrete.

1 meters = 3.28084 feet

So ;

Ρ = 7850 kg/m3

Can be written as

Ρ = 7850 kg/(3.28084)3 feet

Ρ =222.287 kg /ft


Ρ x A = (222.287 kg/ft3 ) x (π x D2)/4

Ρ x A = (222.287 kg/ft3 ) x (3.14 x D2)/4   kg/feet

=174.495 D2  where D is in feet

As mostly we have dia of rebar in mm so to convert that in feet we need;

1 foot = 304.80 mm

Lets say Dm is dia in mm so

Using Dm/304.80 in above equation

=174.495 (Dm/304.8)2

=0.001878 Dm2


= Dm2  / (0.001878)-1


Where  Dm is dia of rebar in mm.

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