Workers Escape Huge Wall Collapse On Building Site

Saad Iqbal | 🗓️Modified: September 28, 2016 | ⏳Read Time: 2 min | 👁Post Views: 115
ISTANBUL-TURKEY, In the shocking clip, the 100-foot (30 metre) high retaining wall suddenly comes rumbling down, triggering a landslide of hundreds of tonnes of earth. The construction site incident happened in Istanbul, Turkey\’s largest city. Incredibly, nobody was killed or injured in the construction site landslide, which was captured on video by the workers.
In the clip, workers can be heard shouting: \”Leave the area. Run away, faster, faster get out of there!\”The footage quickly went viral after being uploaded to social media. Workers at the construction site in the Basaksehir district reported hearing a noise shortly before the wall came down.
People had been working both at the top and at the bottom of the wall, but the workers added the ominous sound had given them time to escape what could have been a deadly incident.
One worker said: \”First, there was a loud noise and then the workers started running away as the wall started to shake.\”
While another added: \”We heard a noise while we were working.


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