The Importance of Accommodation on Workforce Productivity

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Productivity is a hot buzzword that’s thrown around every workplace right now, but without effective leadership and proper support, all it will ever be is a buzzword. In order to translate this goal into reality, a full, comprehensive approach is necessary.

Part of this approach will come in the form of project management and tech tools that automate the tedious admin processes, but most of it will boil down to how well supported your workers are and how well their health and well-being are being looked after.

This applies to every business, but it’s especially critical in the industrial sectors where a poor night’s sleep can result in a serious injury. So, how do you take care of your workers so they remain safe, sharp, and productive on a construction job?

You take care of their accommodation. This can be just for a few days for short-term jobs like bricklayers or scaffolders or long-term accommodation for your mechanical engineers or electrical engineers. Regardless of how long the job is, paying for your employees’ accommodation during their work offers so many big benefits.

It Cuts Down on Commute-Related Lateness

Even if the contractors and subcontractors that you want to hire are in the general region, chances are they won’t live near the site. If you have a few pipe fitters or riggers that you trust, but they’re on the other side of the country, it’s a total gamble. You can find someone closer by, but those people are unvetted. It’s a risk, and if that risk is too high, it’s better to bring on the people that you trust, put them up for a night or two, and then get the job done to a good standard. Doing this will mean that long hour-plus commutes won’t be an issue, and the chances of traffic delaying your whole job are significantly less likely.

It improves Sleep and Comfort

Long commutes to work and back home are very draining. By putting up your workers in a nearby apartment that you found through, you can ensure that they have as much opportunity to rest and catch up on their sleep as possible. The last thing you want is for your welders or crane operators to be sleep-deprived when they’re working, as this could lead to serious injury.

It Boosts Morale

You can save money by renting apartments rather than individual hotel rooms. What this means for your employees is that they get plenty of opportunities to talk and decompress with their coworkers. This can be a great way to boost morale and keep everyone focused since they’re all there on the same job. This is particularly important if you need to keep moving, for example, if you’re building a motorway. In this case, having the same road construction workers stay together can help to establish a much-needed routine.

It Makes Healthy Eating a Breeze

Most apartments will come with a kitchen, allowing your workers to continue to maintain a healthy diet if they choose to. Cooking or even just being able to heat up food brought from home can do wonders for their health, their morale, and their energy levels. To really help out, pay for a standard shop at the start of each week to stock up the house, so there’s always something available to keep your workers fuelled and productive.

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