A Closer Look At The Field Of Civil Engineering

Within the larger category of engineering, civil engineering is one of the most popular specialties. The job of a civil engineer is to help communities develop essential infrastructure. This includes structures like roads and bridges as well as systems that are responsible for providing the communities with power, water, and other essential services. These engineers … Read more

Timber Construction Characteristics, Advantages & Disadvantages

The wood timber that is suitable for construction is obtained from trees that will measure 0.6m in girth or more. There are different types of woods available for various purposes. The woods that is available for construction is called as timber. As strength and durability is the major concern in construction, the timber as a … Read more

3 Places You’ll See Sheet Piling Used On A Daily Basis

It helps us to get to work, it protects our homes, and it even gives us a secure place to park, amongst many other uses. So, with that in mind, we’re going to take a look at three places you’ll see sheet piling used on a daily basis. 3 Places You’ll See Sheet Piling Used … Read more

Use of Fly ash in Concrete & Its Benefits and Effects

A pozzolana is a natural or artificial material containing silica in a reactive form. By themselves, pozzolanas have little or no cementitious value. However, in a finely divided form and in the presence of moisture they will chemically react with alkalis to form cementing compounds. Fly ash has little cementing property when only water is … Read more

What is Asphalt Prime Coat?

The shear strength of the final asphalt product is affected by the quality of the asphalt prime coat applied.  Asphalt Prime Coat is also termed as emulsified asphalt, water diluted asphalt and Cutback aliphatic spray. Recently I have got the chance of working on a highway project somewhere in a mountainous cold-weather region.  And I … Read more