Timber Construction Characteristics, Advantages & Disadvantages

The wood timber that is suitable for construction is obtained from trees that will measure 0.6m in girth or more. There are different types of woods available for various purposes. The woods that is available for construction is called as timber. As strength and durability is the major concern in construction, the timber as a … Read more

Sawing of Timber, Cutting of Timber

Saying of Timber may be defined as  “To cut the logs into various formations into pieces is called sawing.” Purpose of sawing The logs (trees after felled) if not cut for a long time would results in circumferential shrinkage because of drying of moisture from the outer most part and less dryness in the inner … Read more

Felling of Trees to get Timber

This short post is a series of post on Timber structures and Timber engineering. We know that the main source of timber is trees and forests are sources of trees. Firstly the trees are felled and than the log (fallen tree) is cut in several ways called sawing.  Here are some of tips for felling … Read more