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Strength Laboratory deals with the strength testing of structural materials. While designing any structure, one of the most important concerns of design engineer is to determine the strength of any material that has to be used in the construction of relevant structure. The material should be strong enough to carry load for which the subject structure is to be designed without undergoing undue deformations. The structural design should be such as the stresses within any member do not exceed strength of material used. In any case if internal stresses exceed strength of material used, failure occurs. Structural failure may include additional complexity like stresses in different directions, components or material carrying cracks, creep or fatigue.
In Strength Laboratory, students will have the opportunity to verify various properties of structural materials under different loading scenarios. There are many test equipments and skilled staff to operate those equipments.

Strength of Material Lab Manual
Table of contents
1. Introduction to laboratory
2. Report Format
3. Strength of Materials-1
3.1 List of Experiments
3.2 Experiment No.1
3.3 Experiment No.2
3.4 Experiment No.3
3.5 Experiment No.4
3.6 Experiment No.5
4. Strength of Materials
4.1 List of Experiments
4.2 Experiment No.1
4.3 Experiment No.2
4.4 Experiment No.3
4.5 Experiment No.4
4.6 Experiment No.5
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