Site Engineer, His responsibilities, Salary, Skills required

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Before understanding the duties that is performed by site engineer we must know who is site engineer. Basically Site Engineer as the name suggests is the king of the site, if site is a building than it is the site engineer on which this building is standing.

Who is Site Engineer 

“Site Engineer is a part of Technical Supervisory Staff and is the Leader of the Organizational Elements at the site. “
Site engineer

What are the responsibilities?

The responsibilities of the site engineer varies from project to project and from site to site. For example duties of the man for a project of construction of roads is different as compared to that of town development or construction.
The duties of site engineer is also dependent on the scale of the project like you cannot compare the duties of a site engineer employed on small scale project to that of a large scale project.
Site Engineer in the field has to deal with planners, architects, sub-contractors, engineers, construction managers and surveyors. This dealing again is project dependent and project scale dependent sometimes an engineer has to deal with all of the mentioned and sometimes there will be few of them.
Based on this dealing responsibilities of site engineer includes the security, health and safety of the workers doing work in the field. Organizing and supervising is in the hit list of his duties. Site engineer needs to make decisions with in the limited time which have impacts to that structure for its whole life like he has to mark out the site that is suitable for the project in the given locality. He should then ensure that the designs that are given are suitable and he should analyze the day to day working to ensure they are correctly applied.
Site engineer act as a day to day manager on the construction site. From Large stock things to small ones he is there to ensure the supply of materials and to manage the supply and demand related activities in the field.
Site engineer as a whole is the main source of technical and quality ensuring and quality control parameter in the field and for all of the staff working in the field.
He has to do the leveling and surveying at the site. He has to check the drawings quantities and ensures the accuracy of calculations he will plan the work to be done and organize the things so that the deadlines for the specified tasks are met. He is the problem solvers in the field. Its obvious that in the field not always the work  go as smooth as some one expects thus he has to solve all the problems that cope up in the field during working.
As a site engineer the most satisfying aspect is to see your project running smoothly meeting requirements standards, and meeting the deadlines as set by the authorities. For a site engineer every day is different from the day other. A site engineer is as good as the team he has is good or bad. He has to treat the client with respect only then he will have respect he expect.


The salary of the site engineer is place dependent like if you are a site engineer in Pakistan you would not gain enough then as compared to one working in UK or Somewhere else.
Similarly the Salary is also dependent on the project for which you are selected as a site engineer.
But overall in the construction field every one has enough salary that he can be the lord of his home easily.

Hours and Conditions

Not every human being is a civil engineer and similarly not every civil engineer is a site engineer or can be a site engineer. It requires from you certain skills.
The conditions and the working site of a site engineer depends on the project. The working of site engineer is full of stress. The hours you are working is along and unsociable. Sometimes you meet such weathers  that you can’t work but the time is short than you have to make dreadful decisions regarding your health and luxury. Site engineer must be friendly with the traveling he must enjoy his work and should consider his work as his wife otherwise such a burden of work can not be done by a human; except you are a man – machine.

Skills & Interests

Based on the conditions and responsibilities a  man or a civil engineer correctly must have some interest and skills needed so as to gain the tag of a site engineer. He must have technical, mental, personal, and physical abilities. He must be mentally and physically fit otherwise he will fail to satisfy his own work. Since Site visits are involved more frequently and the harsh conditions of site are very tough for a human thus he must gain enough experience and practice to fight with such conditions. He must be strong numerically and analytically because on the site you cannot always rely on machines, software and calculations.
He must have good communication and writing skills to satisfy the client and write progress excellent reports.
You should behave well when meeting with the team and other. You should have stress-releasing skills. You need experience in a nutshell to have all the skills in you, naturally if you have all its good enough but if you haven’t it doesn’t mean you can’t be a site engineer but you must gain experience to have your name in this field.

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