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Lipping to Repair Cracked or chipped edges of the MDF Doors

Recently we have been asked on our social media channel regarding a problem of cracked or chipped edges of the door sheet panels. The person stated that doors were installed and they were engineered or veneered. When the carpenter installed the door edges of the sheet were chipped. So He was inquiring that is there any solution for this problem of cracked or chipped edges of the Door Sheet Panel. So Here we are with the solution for this problem.
Problem of Door with Chipped Edges
Problem of Door with Chipped Edges
Problem of Door with Chipped Edges


  1. Actually this problem arises because of poor workmanship and one suggestion as solution was that It can be repaired by putty filling inside.
  2. One suggestion from an expert was to do lipping i.e. Scrape the edges with a scraper plane (randa) and then fix wooden patti (Lipping Strip) at the edges either with glue or through grooved connection so it won\’t happen in future. Lipping by term is actually installation of wooden patti (Lipping strip) at the door edges.
  3. The person with the problem asked that the labor was saying they will seal it with polydex.
  4. But the expert was of the opinion that lipping would solve the problem and make it more beautiful.
  5. Oh switching the sides …wont solve the problem …need to protect the mdf …i guess lipping will be best
  6. Btw are these doors long lasting …they are solid core made of yellow pine with mdf on top and pvc skin?
  7. Yellow pine is strong material.
  8. What abt the mdf bit? Would they sustain in bathrooms?
  9. But double coating or chemical coat can do the job

These suggestions are actually reproduced here and are from some of our expert group members.

Editor\’s Desk

This is a very common problem in Wooden doors that are solid from core inside by yellow pine having MDF board on top. Medium density fiberboard (MDF) is a high grade, composite material that performs better than solid wood in many areas. Made from recycled wood fibers and resin, MDF is machine dried and pressed to produce dense, stable sheets. MDF is more stable than solid wood and stands up better to changes in heat and humidity.
Hardwood lippings are applied to four edges of doors as standard.  Lipping can be from range of species and can be of such a material to match or contrast the facing material or the door frame. Lippings can be radiused slightly to give a pleasing softened visual effect to door edges.Contrasting coloured insert strips can also be included where specified or needed.
Lipping strips are used to cover up an unattractive substrate which could be of MDF, ply or solid wood of a different species.
I hope the above discussion would solve your problem of cracked or chipped wooden MDF door jams.

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