Download Advanced Building Technologies for Sustainability by Asif Syed [PDF] Book

Download Advanced Building Technologies for Sustainability by Asif Syed [PDF] Book

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Over the last few years, there has been significant publicity, in the media of the building industry and in the general media, highlighting the need for sustainable and energy efficient buildings—but a lot still has to be done. 

"In the United States, buildings use about 40 percent of the total energy consumed and about 68 percent of the electricity produced."
Buildings are essential to the life and work of all human beings and benefit us in enormous ways. The environmental impact of buildings has become a significant factor in their design and construction. As per data published by United States Environmental Protection Agency, buildings in the United States use about 40 percent of the total energy produced, consume 68 percent of the total electricity produced, and account for about 38 percent of carbon emissions.

 The environmental impact of buildings is significant, and any steps taken to reduce their energy and electricity consumption have the dual advantage of both environmental and economic benefits. Any energy or electricity not consumed is money not spent on fuel. 

Reduction in the operating costs from consuming less energy can only the competitiveness of the business in the global market. This book gives examples of projects that have implemented the new technologies to reduce energy consumption and contribute to the sustainability goals of the buildings.

Title of the Book

Advanced Building Technologies
for Sustainability
Download Advanced Building Technologies for Sustainability
by Asif Syed (Download)


Asif Syed


    "BUILDING ENERGY CONSUMPTION IS A SIGNIFICANT PORTION of the total energy used worldwide."
  • Introduction 
  • Chapter 1 sustainability and energy 
  • Chapter 2 Radiant cooling
  • Chapter 3 Displacement ventilation 
  • Chapter 4  Chilled beams 
  • Chapter 5  Underfloor air distribution 
  • Chapter 6 Displacement induction units
  • Chapter 7 High Performance Envelope 
  • Chapter 8 Thermal Energy Storage 
  • Chapter 9 Solar energy  
  • Chapter 10 Geothermal systems 
  • Chapter 11 Cogeneration 
  • Chapter 12 Data center sustainability 

Preview of the Book

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Download Advanced Building Technologies for Sustainability by Asif Syed [PDF] Book

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