Download The Wiley Dictionary of Civil Engineering and Construction by L.F. Webster

The definitions in the book have been compiled to be of use to those working in a wide range of professions related to civil engineering and trades involving architecture, engineering, surveying building, heavy construction, forestry, surface and open-pit mining, and public works. \"Download The Wiley Dictionary of Civil Engineering and Construction\"@import…continue reading →

Characteristics of a Good Formwork

Concrete being plastic material in fresh state, has to kept within an enclosure (moulds) till it gain reasonable strength, this temporary structure which has to be built for any concrete member is called “Formwork”.Click me to read more about the Form work defintion and other defintionsCharacteristics of a Good FormworkBasic…continue reading →

Fatigue (Alligator) Cracking

The word Fatigue means repetitive action of loads, thus fatigue cracking by names means cracking due to the repetition of loads. As the pavement is subjected to number of vehicles of different sizes and loads the stress keeps on pilling up and thus the cracks appears which are interconnected in…continue reading →

What is finite element analysis and how many types are used in analysis and design of concrete structures

Advancements in the field of computer aided engineering during the last two decades have been quite extensive and have led to considerable benefits to many engineering industries. Similarly the advantages can also be observed in the building industry where the softwares and tools which uses finite element have allowed the…continue reading →

Things you should know about rutting

A very common premature pavement failure in most countries is seen as a surface depression in the wheel path. The depression which is formed is called a rut and along the rut uplift occurs due to shearing. Ruts are particularly evident after a rain when they are filled with water.…continue reading →

What is civil engineering? an introduction

Before going to the actual subject or theoretical background of the topic; let me explain why this question is mostly asked? Basically, we as humans have a natural quest for knowledge; we observe different phenomena around us and try to investigate the scientific cause behind it. This question is result…continue reading →

Dictionary of Civil Engineers download full pdf

Terminologies are different for different sorts of fields of life like medical, sciences, information technology, engineering like mechanical, electrical and civil engineering. In our everyday life we as a civil engineers need to memorize alot of words and terms which some times is difficult task. These terms easily made us…continue reading →