5 Job Roles that open up to you after completing your Civil Engineering

A civil engineering degree prepares you to work not only in the construction industry but you can also have a promising career in business, management as well as financial sectors. Civil engineers are hired mainly by utilities, architectural firms, government departments, education, consulting, builders and engineering firms.  The demand for…continue reading →

Tips to Write a GREAT CV as a Civil Engineer

You’re a great engineer! You know the right way to design structures and you create efficient solutions for your clients. However transferring this into writing a great CV that gets you a great job can be difficult. Many people ask me why this is necessary? They say“but surely at interview I can…continue reading →

Start a career in Technology! Study opportunity in the Netherlands

 Fontys University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands invites you to join the FREE interactive webinar January 25 to hear all about the Bachelor’s in Industrial Engineering & Management.Join the free webinar to get started!Sign up here:https://goo.gl/uZFkQzWhy choose this program?The Industrial Engineering & Management (IE&M) Bachelor (BSc) prepares you for…continue reading →