5 Job Roles that open up to you after completing your Civil Engineering

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A civil engineering degree prepares you to work not only in the construction industry but you can also have a promising career in business, management as well as financial sectors. Civil engineers are hired mainly by utilities, architectural firms, government departments, education, consulting, builders and engineering firms.  The demand for civil engineers is growing day by day, and so are their job opportunities.

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Here are some job options that you might want to consider after completing your civil engineering degree course:

1) Transportation engineer

You will have to work with local and regional planning boards to recognize the areas of growth and improvement in transportation. A part of this job profile includes alleviating traffic issues. You have to figure out about the needs of drivers in a particular region then accordingly plans have to designed and then the cost estimates have to be prepared for projects.

2) Structural engineer

You will have to work with architects and construction builders to ensure that the raw materials such as steel, etc. used in construction projects exceeds the requirements of a particular project. There are many advanced technologies and techniques too, which are used for new building materials. So, nowadays the structural engineers work on an extensive variety of projects.

3) Geo-technical engineer

You will be helping builders dig underground projects and also work with experts who manage interesting land renewal projects. You will have to work on underground city projects for expansion of mass transit systems.  You role will be to oversee the tunnelling and assure that the bedrock is safe to sustain the pressure of new building structures.

4) Hydraulic/ Hydrology/ Water Resource engineer

Your role will be to redirect water for helping residents and businesses in a particular community. You will be in charge of building canals to speed up shipping while stabilising the natural flow of water. You have to construct dams for generating electricity which will also help in land development. Some engineers also design pipelines for safely transferring the fresh water to the nearby areas for new communities to thrive.

5) Government and Urban Planning engineer

This role involves using a combination of skills and specialties for public works and private construction. Government planning engineers take care of projects which are funded by the government for construction of major projects. Urban projects require management of engineering issues strategically.

The job of a civil engineer is far from a mediocre desk job. They are often on the move, where they have to work outdoors at construction sites, sometimes in offices, and in research labs from time to time.

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