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The book as titled \”Reinforced concrete designer\’s Handbook\” is a very handy book for structural designers and developers and the authors Charles E. Reynolds and James C. Steedman are among the most renowned structural engineers and designers.  
Reinforced Concrete Designer’s Handbook
10th Edition
Charles E. Reynolds
BSc(Eng), CEng, FICE
James C. Steedman
BA, CEng, MICE, MIStructE


Book Cover Download Reinforced Concrete Designer\’s Handbook
The authors
Introductory note regarding tenth edition
Part I
1 Introduction
2 Safety factors, loads and pressures
3 Structural analysis
4 Materials and stresses
5 Resistance of structural members
6 Structures and foundations
7 Electronic computational aids: an introduction
Part II
8 Partial safety factors
9 Loads
10 Pressures due to retained materials
11 Cantilevers and beams of one span
12 Continuous beams
13 Influence lines for continuous beams
14 Slabs spanning in two directions
15 Frame analysis
16 Framed structures
17 Arches
18 Concrete and reinforcement
19 Properties of reinforced concrete sections
20 Design of beams and slabs
21 Resistance to shearing and torsional forces
22 Columns
23 Walls
24 Joints and intersections between members
25 Structures and foundations
Appendix A
Appendix B
Appendix C
References and further reading 429


A structure is an assembly of members each of which is subjected to bending or to direct force (either tensile or compressive) or to a combination of bending and direct force. These primary influences may be accompanied by shearing forces and sometimes by torsion. Effects due to changes in temperature and to shrinkage and creep of the concrete, and the possibility of damage resulting from overloading, local damage, abrasion, vibration, frost, chemical attack and similar causes may also have to be considered. Design includes the calculation of, or other means of assessing and providing resistance against, the moments, forces and other effects on the members. An efficiently designed structure is one in which the members are arranged in such a way that the weight, loads and forces are transmitted to the foundations by the cheapest means consistent with the intended use of the structure and the nature of the site. Efficient design means more than providing suitable sizes for the concrete members and the provision of the calculated amount of reinforcement in an economical manner, It implies that the bars can be easily placed, that reinforcement is provided to resist the secondary forces inherent in monolithic construction, and that resistance is provided against all likely causes of damage to the structure. Experience and good judgement may do as much towards the production of safe and economical structures as calculation. Complex mathematics should not be allowed to confuse the sense of good engineering. Where possible, the same degree of accuracy should be maintained through-out the calculations; it is illogical to consider, say, the effective depth of a member to two decimal places if the load is overestimated by 25%. On the other hand, in estimating loads, costs and other numerical quantities, the more items that are included at their exact value the smaller is the overall percentage of error due to the inclusion of some items the exact magnitude of which is unknown.

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