CSi Bridge 2017 v19.0.0 (x86/x64) Free Download

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Bridge is a very important and strategic infrastructure of an area connecting and joining the two cities or region by spanning space or some hurdle. Dont worry today we will be going to download CSI Bridge 2017 from this link for free. The delicacy and fragility of its design tends the designer to be much more careful and take safety in to consideration. This is one of the reasons bridge design is comparatively a complex and deeper.

Computers in Structural Engineering

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 Introduction of computing in the design of structures have revolutionized the designing process and accuracy in the results and consequently safety and economy as an ultimate goal has been achieved. Softwares not only have a step by step checks and measures which minimizes the error and chances of failure. 

 CSI and Bridge Design

Computer and Structures Inc. being founded in 1975 by Ashraf Habibullah a structural engineer and a software developer has grown and developed softwares like ETABS, SAP2000, CSI Bridge, and SAFE. These software are now used in most of the design offices and companies and its application can be found in renowned worldwide projects like  Word Trade center, Burj al Dubai etc.
CSI Bridge in today’s structural engineering market is a very handy and versatile tool that can perform all the tasks of bridge designing with ease. With CSI Bridge you can perform modeling analysis and design of bridge structures by just few clicks with such a short amount of time.
All the parameters that are being employed in the design of bridges by structural engineers are incorporated in CSI Bridge like spans, abutments, bridge deck, piers, hinges, post tensioning, pre tensioning. Along with all these parameters you can also define the complex bridge geometry as well.
The modeling capabilities of CSI Bridge is admirable, the 21st century computing and modeling provides you with three basic types of bridge models spine, shell, or if you want a 3d model that is near to nature CSI Bridge also make it for you. 
CSI Bridge can handle Structural materials for bridges like Steel or Concrete with ease. One of a very significant feature of CSI Bridge is that it provides simple and practical Gantt Charts for making it easy for you to develop work breakdown structure and doing sequencing and scheduling of the project.
CSI Bridge employs all the parameters like you can define the no of lanes, lane width and you can also test it by any type of vehicular load one can have on the site. The GUI or Graphical User Interface of CSI Bridge is user friendly to a very large extent it contains menus buttons everything available on your screen moreover it contains a design wizard that will take you all of the design steps and parameters necessary for the bridge design. 
CSI Bridge is completely integrated with other CSI packages like SAP, Safe, and SAPFire.
All the building codes and the techniques used in the bridge design is included in it including the well known AASHTO LRFD (American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials) Load and Resistance Factor Design procedures. CSI Bridge has an integrated seismic design and load combinations that will ensure your structure bridge to be safe for the desired seismic load.

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