Symons Rain Gauge - Diagram | Advantages | Disadvantage

The most widely used non-recording type gauge in the world is Symon’s Gauge. As the type of this gauge predicts that it does not record the rain instead of this it only collects the rain. A graduated cylinder is incorporated for measurement of the collected rain. The receiver also called, junction or connecting bottle has a capacity of measuring 175mm of rainfall. In the areas of large…
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What are Groundwater Zones, Aeration, Saturation, Pheratic Zone, Vedose Zone

Groundwater is enormous and significant source of fresh water that owns huge share regarding water requirement of humans. Soil being a porous and non-porous medium allows movement of water through interstices and pores through various phenomenon. In terms of groundwater hydrology, the underground soil water is classified in to two basic zones:- a) Zone of Aerationb) Zone of Saturation Zone of…
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