Bamboo as Construction Material

The world timber demand is increasing at a rapid rate but the timber supply is depleting. It’s been found through research that bamboo can suitably replace timber and other materials in construction and other works. Industrially treated bamboo has shown great potential for production of composite materials and components which…continue reading →

Highway Materials Types and Characteristics

Highway construction can be characterized by large right-of-way having length of considerable amount. Due to this, Highway materials are needed in large quantum.Depending upon the type of highway pavement, flexible or rigid the highway material required for highway construction is decided.This post contains general information regarding the Types of highway…continue reading →

Defects in Brick Work and their Remedies

\"sulphate attack on mortars, unsound materials, frost action, corrosion of iron and steel, crystallization of salts, linear changes resulting from variation in moisture content\"While doing brickwork and after the brick is completed there are certain defects which has to be faced, these defects they must be avoided and remedial measure…continue reading →

Characteristics of a Good Formwork

Concrete being plastic material in fresh state, has to kept within an enclosure (moulds) till it gain reasonable strength, this temporary structure which has to be built for any concrete member is called “Formwork”.Click me to read more about the Form work defintion and other defintionsCharacteristics of a Good FormworkBasic…continue reading →