Lean Concrete – Base – Mix Design – Strength – Purpose – Uses

Have you ever wondered what lean concrete is and what’s its purpose?   Lean concrete mixes is a concrete mix with low cement content and high percentages of aggregates, it is used in several works such as the blinding concrete under foundations and as leveling course below footings or in mass concrete such as dams. … Read more

Concrete forms – Tips for formwork construction

Construction workers use concrete forms to provide support for poured concrete in load-bearing structures. This task requires a good deal of specialized equipment and knowledge. For larger projects, contractors may need to hire specialists, but most smaller jobs can be completed safely in-house. A Stable Concrete Structure: 5 Formwork Construction Tips Construction foreman need to … Read more

Grading Requirements of Fine Aggregates

The global village of the construction industry has been burgeoning around the most widely used construction material that is concrete. Concrete itself utterly depends on the properties of its constituents which therefore are intensely imperative to understand.Fine aggregates, one of the principal constituents of concrete, are generally natural sand or crushed stone particles that pass … Read more

Hempcrete Blocks – Definition, Advantages Innovation

Hempcrete Blocks are basically made with the help of two ingredients i.e. lime as binding agent or binder mixed with the core of hemp plant.After decades of modernization, advancement and innovation in science and particularly in construction engineering, the humans have realized that they had moved far away from nature resulting in so many complications … Read more

Stainless Steel Waterstop for Concrete Joints

In most of the construction project you might have already used the PVC Waterstop but did you know about Stainless Steel Waterstop and its benefits?If not than this post is for you; as i am going to discuss in detail what is stainless steel waterstop? How it is fixed in the concrete? How stainless steel … Read more