Bid Abstract Template for Construction Management

Today I am going to discuss a very important topic on construction management – the bid abstract. According to a definition by state department of Transportation USA, bid abstract/tabulation of bids lists contractor bid prices, as well as the engineer’s estimate for all pay items on a project. The abstract is not public data until … Read more

All About Utility Mapping

Site excavation can\’t start without doing an underground analysis for existing utility services. Mistakes by people can frequently turn into damage to underground pipes or cables that might even lead to dangerous leaks. Fortunately, you can use utility locator tools which are helpful in doing this job well.On the other hand, there are times when … Read more

Tips To Finding A Good Roof Repair Contractor Algonquin IL

There are many roof repair contractors in Algonquin, Illinois. When you need a roofing service, it can be challenging to choose which one is right for you because there are so many options. Aside from the number, there are also factors that will affect how you choose a contractor, such as their licenses and experience. … Read more

5 Key Services a Professional Civil Construction Firm Should Be Offering You

Civil engineers are professionals who provide a range of services for commercial and residential buildings and other structures. There are key services that are available from civil construction firms and it is important individuals understand what is offered.What Is a Civil Engineer?A civil engineer designs, builds, supervises and provides remediation and repairs for a variety … Read more