House Plan Design in Pakistan

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With completion of over thousands of House plans in Pakistan for various marlas size orders we are group of experienced and certified Architects, Engineers and CAD Draughtsman / Drafts man. With over 10+ years of experience iamcivilengineer specializes in AutoCAD and 3D Visualization. We have delivered with 100% perfection and delivery rate on time.
2D Architectural House Plans for Pakistan
Our services for house plans in Pakistan include:-

We convert your rough handmade sketches or ideas in PDF or JPG by drafting it in AutoCAD. We make siteplans, elevations, sections and landscaping plans. We are expert in lighting plans and interior floor plan along with internal elevations.

Why to Choose us?

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  • Professional & Experienced Staff
  • AutoCAD Certified Experts
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Revisions are also available.
3D Interior Designing for Pakistan

Order Details Types

You can post the order easily online or through whatsapp whatever is easy for you.


Additions to the Order

The order can be adjusted with following modifications:-

  1. For fast delivery within 1 days add 1000 in above price
  2. For Additional Revision add 500 in above price (and also extra day is needed)
  3. Include Source File, for that add 2000 in above price (it is for 3D models the original AutoCAD, Max file will be supplied with the order).
  4. Add Enhanced Detailing – The above house plans are simple wireframe style plans, for additional detailing and 3d style house plans add 2000 in above price
  5. Develop a Section or Elevation – for that add 500 in above price per section or elevation
  6. For colorful presentation of house plan – add 500 in above price we will make your plan and convert it into graphic for presentation etc.
  7. For basement plans or additional story plan – add 1000 in above order

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FAQs about the Work

Do you have any sample works?
Yes we have many sample works some you can find here. You can also demand any sample work for any size of marlas houseplan.
What other services you offer?
We offer Architectural floor plan drawing, Furniture layout, Working dimensions, Site plan, Landscaping, Elevations, Sections, Roof plan, Office plan, Interior floor plan , 3D Floor plan, Colored floor plan, Interior elevations, Lighting plan, Plumbing fixtures plan, Bathroom and kitchen detailings
Are you professional or licensed architects?
Yes, we are professional Architects and 3D Artists graduated from Bachelor of Architecture.
Do you provide any free corrections?
Yes, we offer 3 revisions for absolutely free if needed.
When i can expect delivery of my order?
Most of the orders handle within 1-3 days.
What I need to send you to start?
You can inform me your sketches or ideas, any reference files, info and detailing, Functional requirements, existing dimensions etc.
How is the price calculated?
The price is calculated upon drawings and designing, detailing, complexity of drawings, Number of drawings and plans, Volume of the project etc.
Can I get better offer when we send big deal?
Definitely, we always try to make our clients happy by offering quality services with affordable prices. For high volume of works, we offer exclusive prices.
My Question is not in the list?
Really? If your question is not in the list than just contact us for any further inquiry or hit an email at info@iamcivilengineer[dot]com

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