Download Book on Highway Engineering by S.K. Khanna & C.E.G. Justo PDF

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Transportation contributes to the economic, industrial, social and cultural development of any country. Transportation is vital for the economic development of any region since every commodity produced whether it is food, clothing, industrial products f medicine needs transport at all stages from production to distribution. In the production stage, transportation is required from the production centers viz; farms and factories to the marketing centers and later to the retailers and the consumers for distribution.

Download Book on Highway Engineering by S.K. Khanna & C.E.G. Justo PDF 

The inadequate transportation facilities retard the process of socio-ecnomic development of the country. The adequacy of transportation system of a country indicates its economic and social development.

Three basic modes of transport are by land, water and air. Land has given scope for development of road and rail transport. Water and air have developed waterways and airways, respectively.

The roads or the highways not only include the modern highway system but also the city streets, feeder roads and village roads, catering for a wide range of road vehicles and the pedestrians. Railways include oceans, rivers, canals and lakes for the movement of ships and boats. The aircraft and helicopters use the airways.

Apart from these major modes of transportation, other modes include pipe lines, elevators, belt conveyor, cable cars, aerial ropeways and monorails. Pipe Lines are used for the transportation of water, other fluids and even solid particles.

Title of the Book

Highway Engineering

Author of the Book

S.K. Khanna
C.E.G. Justo

Content of the Books

  • Introduction
  • Highway Development and Planning
  • Highway Alignment and Surveys
  • Highway Geometric Design
  • Traffic Engineering
  • Highway Materials 
  • Design of Highway Pavements
  • Highway construction
  • Soil Stabilized Roads
  • Highway Maintenance
  • Hill Roads
  • Road Side Development
  • Highway economics and Finance

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