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Although hundreds of stilling basisns and energy-dissipating  devices have been designed in  conjunction  with  spillways,  outlet  works,  and  canal structures,  it  is  often  necessary  to  make  model studies  of  individual  structures  to  be  certain  that these will  operate  as anticipated.  The  reason for these repetitive  tests is that  a factor  of  uncertainty exists  regarding  the  overall  performance  characteristics  of  energy  dissipators. The many  laboratory  studies made on individual structures  over  a  period  of  years  have  been made by  different  personnel,  for  different  groups  of designers, each  structure  having  different  allow- able  design  limitations.  Since no  two  structures were  exactly  alike,  attempts  to  generalize  the assembled data  resulted  in  sketchy  and,  at  times, inconsistent  results  having  only  vague  connecting links.  Extensive  library  research  into  the  works of  others  revealed  the  fact  that  the  necessary correlation  facts are nonexistent.

Title of the Book

Hydraulic Design of Stilling Basins and Energy Dissipators

Contents of the Book

Section 1. General Investigation of the Hydraulic Jump on Horizontal Aprons (Basin 1)
Section 2. Stilling Basin for high Dam and earth Dam spillways and large canal Structures (Basin II)
Section 3: Short Stilling Basin for Canal Structures, Small Outlet Works, and Small Spillways (Basin III)
Section 4: Stilling Basin Design and Wave Suppressors for canal structures, outlet works and diversion Dams (Basin IV)
Section 5. _ Stilling Basin with sloping Apron (Basin V)
Section 6 – Stilling Basin for pipe or open channel outlets
Section 7- Slotted and solid Buckets for high, medium, and low dam spillways (Basin VII)
Section 8 – Hydraulic Design of Hollow-jet valve Stilling Basins (Basin VIII)
Section 9 – Baffled Apron for Canal or Spillway Drops (Basin IX)
Section 10 –Improved Tunnel Spillway Flip Buckets (Basin X)
Section 11 – Size of Riprap to be used downstream from stilling basins

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