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The Book \”Civil Engineering Formulas\” by \”Tyler G. Hicks\” is a heaven for civil engineers practicing their work in the field, The book is a comprehensive easy to use tool containing hundreds of formulas used on almost every situation. Civil Engineering like all other engineering disciplines contains formulas that has to be memorized or that has to be used by engineers to find solution of a particular problem. These formulas are not easy to memorize as some of them contains number of variables. In such a situation Civil Engineering Formulas  is a very handy tool for you which not only shows the formula but also gives background and also shows how to use that formula. 
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\”Download Civil Engineering Formulas by Tyler G. Hicks\”

The formulas presented in this book are intended for use by civil engineers in every aspect of their professional work—design, evaluation, construction, repair, etc.

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How to Use Civil Engineering Formulas?

 To find a suitable formula for the situation you face, start by consulting the index. Every effort has been made to present a comprehensive listing of all formulas in the book. Once you find the formula you seek, read any accompanying text giving back-ground information about the formula. Then when you understand the formula and its applications, insert the numerical values for the variables in the formula. Solve the formula and use the results for the task at hand. 

Where a formula may come from a regulatory code, or where a code exists for the particular work being done, be certain to check the latest edition of the applicable code to see that the given formula agrees with the code formula. 

If it does not agree, be certain to use the latest code formula available. Remember, as a design engineer you are responsible for the structures you plan, design, and build. Using the latest edition of any governing code is the only sensible way to produce a safe and dependable design that you will be proud to be associated with. Further, you will sleep more peacefully!  

Title of the Book

Civil Engineering Formulas


Tyler G. Hicks, P.E.

Contents of the Book

Chapter 1: Conversion factors for civil engineering practice
Chapter 2: Beam Formulas
Chapter 3: Column Formulas
Chapter 4: Piles and Piling Formulas
Chapter 5: Concrete Formulas
Chapter 6: Timber engineering Formulas
Chapter 7: Surveying Formulas
Chapter 8: Soil and Earthwork Formulas
Chapter 9: Building and Structural Formulas 
Chapter 10: Bridge and Suspension-cable formulas
Chapter 11: Highway and Road formulas
Chapter 12: Hydraulics and waterworks formulas
Chapter 13: Stormwater, sewage, Sanitary Wastewater, and Environmental Protection

Download Civil Engineering Formulas

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