Transportation Engineering and Planning 3rd Edition by C.C. Papacostas P.D. Prevedouros Free [PDF]

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A transportation system may be defined as consisting of the fixed facilities, the flow entities, and the control system that permit people and goods  to overcome the friction  of geographical space efficiently in  order to participate in a timely manner in  some desired activity. 

At first glance this definition may appear to be either trivial or pretentious.

\”It identifies the functional components of a transportation system \”

After all,

 \”overcoming the friction of geographic space\”* 

is a very awkward way of saying \”to move from point A to point B\”! However, this definition reveals the breadth of transportation engineering and delineates the purpose and scope of this introductory text.

 It identifies the functional components of a transportation system (i.e., the fixed facilities, the flow  entities, and the control system) and encapsulates the fact that transportation provides the connectivity that facilitates other societal interactions•.

Title of the Book

Transportation Engineering and Planning 
3rd Edition 

Authors of the Book

C.C. Papacostas
P.D. Prevedouros

Contents of the Book

Introduction and Background
Design and Operation
Traffic Stream Flow Models
Capacity and Level of Service Analysis
Transportation Systems
Urban and Intelligent Transportation Systems
Transportation Planning
Travel-Demand Forecasting
Traffic Impact and Parking Studies
Air Quality, Noise, and Energy Impacts
Evaluation and Choice
Elements of Engineering Economy
Probability and Statics
Queuing and Simulation
Transportation Software

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