Jobs for DAE in Bahria Town Lahore, Pakistan

Bahria Town “Asia’s largest Private Real Estate Developer” requires the services of a “Construction Manager” for its projects located at Lahore.Bahria Town Lahore, JobsCONSTRUCTION MANAGER(1)    DAE(Civil)(2)    Extensive experience in constructing Golf Course with following abilities;a.    Fully Understand Earthmoving, Lake Construction, Drainage Installation, Irrigation Installation, Landscaping, etc.b.    To coordinate with all…continue reading →


Civil engineer who specializes in soil analysis (geotechnical investigation), water drainage, and other factors influencing the designs of foundations and the structures built on them is called Soil Engineering.Soil mechanics one of the most important Subject of  Civil Engineering . We can easily understood the important of soil in foundation…continue reading →

CSI SAFE 2016 v16.0.0 (x86/x64) Free Download

CSI SAFE stands for Slab Analysis by Finite Element Method. CSI SAFE satisfies all the structural requirements of a structural engineer from framing layout to detail drawing procedure. CSI SAFE provide all the engineering design process aspects in one place to the structural engineer. What is CSI SAFE?SAFE is a…continue reading →

What is Foundation Engineering? Course content, books, solved asigments, quizzes

Foundation Engineering is a very interesting and use full subject in terms of applicability and scope in civil engineering. Importance of Foundation engineers can be understood easily by considering the importance of foundation in a structure. This post is about the introduction of foundation engineering, course contents, assignments and books…continue reading →

Download HEC-RAS FREE with User Manual

HEC-RAS stands for Hydraulic Engineering Center, River Analysis system, as the name suggests, Hydraulic Engineering Center (HEC) has developed this River Analysis System (RAS). Hydraulic Engineering Center (HEC) is situated in Davis, California, USA.  HEC-RAS is a computer program/software that allows you to perform one-dimensional steady and unsteady flow river…continue reading →

What Google thinks about civil engineering?

Just for some interest i have done a very interesting  research what peoples in the world are searching about civil engineering on google. Below are some of my findings,Civil Engineers are: what i get from google when i search for civil engineers are; the answers are; civil engineers are underpaid, civil…continue reading →

Methods to find your coordinates on globe

A coordinate system that helps us finds the location on the Earth by using set of numbers and letters. Among these coordinates one of the number represents vertical position and other two numbers represent horizontal position. Commonly they are called latitude, longitude and elevation.Finding Your CoordinatesLongitudeLongitude is that geographic coordinates…continue reading →

What is civil engineering? an introduction

Before going to the actual subject or theoretical background of the topic; let me explain why this question is mostly asked? Basically, we as humans have a natural quest for knowledge; we observe different phenomena around us and try to investigate the scientific cause behind it. This question is result…continue reading →

Railway Track Design online Calculator

Railway engineering is a significant branch of transportation engineering, Railway transportation is an on-land transportation system with air ways and sea ways as other parallel off-land transportation means. Railway transportation share a healthy burden of transportation of a community or country, carrying large bulky luggage from one end to heavy…continue reading →