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EGL meaning in Civil Engineering and Construction

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In terms different levels in building construction, many important levels in construction are EGL, GL, and NGL. So, what is EGL full form in civil engineering?

EGL is an acronym for Existing Ground Level that is used to specify the elevation of the ground at the existing state or current state. This level is critical while specifying the elevation of a specific building feature in relative levels. EGL helps in specifying the features like top of a building or the centerline of a road.

EGL term is also used in excavation sections to specify the difference in elevations between natural ground level (NGL), Design ground level (DGL), and existing ground level (EGL). So, you can determine how much excavation quantity needs to be removed to reach the design level of the building.

It is a term used to describe the elevation of a point or a feature in a construction project, usually relative to a specified reference point such as mean sea level or a benchmark.

In hydrology or subject or water-resources; there’s a term used called Energy Grade Line (EGL). There it is a line that shows elevation of energy head in feet or meters of water flowing in a pipe, conduit, or channel.

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