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Download engineering fluid mechanics by Crowe Elger Williams Roberson

Through innovative ideas and professional skills, engineers can make the world a better place, in particular, fluid mechanics plays a very important role in the design, development and analysis of systems from micro scale applications to giant hydroelectric power generation. For this reason, the study of fluid mechanics is essential to the background of an engineer. The approach in this text is to emphasize both professional practice and technical knowledge.

The text is organized to support the acquisition of deep and connected knowledge. Each chapter begins by information students what they should be learning and why this learning is relevant.

Topics are linked to previous topics so that students can see how knowledge is building and connecting. Seminal equations, defined as those that are commonly used, are carefully derived and explained. 

Title of the Book

Engineering Fluid Mechanics

Authors of the Book

Clayton T. Crowe
Donald F. Elger
Barbara C. Williams
John A. Roberson

Contents of the book

Chapter 1- Introduction
Chapter 2 – Fluid Properties
Chapter 3 – Fluid Statics
Chapter 4 – Flowing Fluids and Pressure Variation
Chapter 5 – Control Volume Approach and Continuity Equation
Chapter 6 – Momentum Equation
Chapter 7 – The Energy Equation
Chapter 8 – Dimensional Analysis and Similitude
Chapter 9 – Surface Resistance
Chapter 10 – Flow in Conduits
Chapter 11 – Drag and Lift
Chapter 12 – Compressible Flow
Chapter 13 – Flow Measurement
Chapter 14 – Turbomachinery
Chapter 15 – Flow in open Channels

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