Civil Engineers are simple, yet innovative, hardworking, human loving problem solvers. They work for day and night to build luxury and felicity to protect you from hardships of nature. They sacrifice their own wishes and their own luxury just to let you feel safe in this unsafe world.

Here is a short story sent from a civil engineer working in the site as Site Engineer. You might get tears while reading it. But yet they all are stronger then the strength of steel they use in reinforcement. 


Story of a Civil Engineer

We civil Engineers do not negotiate with nature.
We do not compromise with hotsun, cold winter, heavy rain.
We work in deep valley, and thick forest.
We do land survey at nook and corner of the world.
We leave our families behind to build highway roads, rail tracks, cannels, dams and reservoirs.
We work at dangerous heights to build tall buildings
We are educated nomadic tribes, we move from place to place after completion of project.
We do not know Sundays and festivals we only know to work in forest.
We do not have entertainment means and metropolitans facilities.
We eat any kind of food available at the project site.
We do not have luxury accommodation, we stay in the temporary accommodation at project site.
We build prestigious monuments.
We know and learn all languages necessary to communicate with local labor.
We work with labor who are below the poverty line.
We understand the problem of poverty.
We understand how to eliminate poverty.
We can transform world into heaven
We are the future rulers of the world.
We only can make it possible.
So GOD likes and wants Civil Engineers

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