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Download Megastructure Documentary on Mega BreakDown Yankee Stadium

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Located in Bronx, an area of New York City, New York Yankee Stadium was built and opened in April 18, 1923. It exists there as the home ballpark of the New York Yankees, one of the city’s Major League Baseball franchises, from 1923 to 1973.

It is a historic and an fans are emotionally attached to it. The stadium has hosted several games during its 85 year history. The stadium has a significant attachment with  Babe Ruth, the legendary baseball superstar whose prime years coincided with the stadium’s opening and the beginning of the Yankees’ winning history.

Mega BreakDown Yankee Stadium

About the Video on Yankee Stadium

This video is the first video on series of civil engineering videos and documentaries.

It is a episode of series called  “Megastructures” that remained live on National Geographic Channel.  

This video as already stated in introduction is about the demolition of old Yankees Stadium starting from the very first removal of the grass to the seats and then to the demolition of the whole structure.

This demolition is not just a demolition literally it’s been a giant with removal of 50,000 seats along with 9200 square meter of grass, 50,000 ton of concrete but not just this. It is being surrounded by hundreds of pedestrians and fans roaming here and there and a very delicate and one of the busiest subways there in the city meters away from it. Thus there are some challenges for you engineering expertise.

Free Watch Megastructure Series \”Yankee Stadium Domolition\”

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Download Megastructure Series Yankee Stadium [Video]

Download Megastructure Series Yankee Stadium Demolition

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