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HEC-RAS stands for Hydraulic Engineering Center, River Analysis system, as the name suggests, Hydraulic Engineering Center (HEC) has developed this River Analysis System (RAS). Hydraulic Engineering Center (HEC) is situated in Davis, California, USA.  HEC-RAS is a computer program/software that allows you to perform one-dimensional steady and unsteady flow river hydraulics calculation including modeling and analysis. HEC-RAS supports multi-tasking, multi-user network environment which means if in your office you have a networked environment you can share the calculations, models, results and reports.

What is HEC-RAS

HEC-RAS provides a rich Graphical User Interface (GUI) where it has various components like hydraulic analysis components, data storage, management, graphics and reporting components.

HEC-RAS supports one-dimensional analysis of river flow; that means if the cross-sectional shape changes, if bends are there or other two or three dimensional aspects are there, their hydraulic effects would not be included in the modeling and analysis.

For What Purpose HEC-RAS is Used

With the help of HEC-RAS you can do;
  • Steady water surface profile calculations
  • Un-steady water surface profile calculation
  • Sediment transport computations
  • Water quality analysis
  • Bed computations
  • Water temperature modeling
  • Water quality analysis
  • Hydraulic design features are also there; after you have developed the basic water surface profiles are computed
Although HEC-RAS is easily available free of cost from US- Army Corps of Engineers\’ website, but in some countries it is difficult to access so this page and website will help other to get the full advantage of this free software and get the ultimate benefit.


 You can download HEC-RAS by clicking the button below; or right click and then click Save Link As; after which give a certain destination; you are done;

Download HEC-RAS full free with User Manual

In this Package

In this package there is a main software 4.1.0 2010 release; 
User Manual of 700 pages
examples and tutorials


The software name and its logo is the trademark of respective owner, we here on iamcivilengineer doesn’t host the software we are just sharing here the links to download; and are just for sharing it for student and education purpose; if you have any problem about this link or software you can contact us via contact us page or email at [email protected]

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