What Are the Pros and Cons of Granite Splashback?

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For a long time, granite has been praised for its appearance and strong build, two things that homeowners love to see. When it comes to making your kitchen look better with durability in mind, a Granite Splashback is worth the thought. It combines natural beauty with human craftsmanship. A great choice for anyone who wants to improve their cooking space.

Pros of Granite Splashback

Granite splashbacks are no joke. It’s not like it’s some trend that will fade away. They are a statement of timeless elegance. This means they will remain stylish, regardless of future design trends. On top of that they’re great for preventing water from going on walls. We go into more of the advantages below so you can make the right choice for your kitchen.

  • Durability: Granite is incredibly durable. It can resist scratches and damage from daily kitchen activities. There’s no other stone like it, meaning homeowners are able to enjoy the pristine backdrop for years.
  • Heat Resistance: Hot pots and pans won’t damage the splashback because of its ability to resist heat. The same reason it shines so brightly in your kitchen. It’s perfect as a centerpiece or background piece.
  • Unique Appearance: Each granite slab holds a unique pattern and color palette. Nature’s artwork was encapsulated in this stone and thrown into your kitchen to add sophistication.
  • Low Maintenance: Wiping it down with mild detergent is all you need to do for maintenance. No need to worry about finding a special cleaner that would be more work than actually cleaning it.
  • Increase in Property Value:  A well-installed granite splashback can enhance the value of your property. Not only does it look beautiful, but also adds monetary value which makes it a smart choice for homeowners who want to resell later on.
  • Hygienic: Hygienic isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of granite but it indeed is hygienic. It doesn’t harbor bacteria or viruses because of its non-porous surface, ensuring that your food prep area is always clean.

Cons of Granite Splashback

While Granite Splashbacks are indeed a hallmark of elegance and functionality, like any other material, they come with their own set of drawbacks. It’s important to weigh these cons against the pros to make an informed decision that suits your lifestyle and budget. Below are some of the disadvantages associated with Granite Splashbacks:

  • Cost: Granite is a premium material. With that, comes an expensive cost. The initial investment for a granite splashback can be substantial, but many homeowners find the long-term benefits and appeal of the timeless aesthetic justify this cost.
  • Sealing Required: Granite is porous and requires a good sealing to prevent staining and bacterial growth. This sealing needs to be redone from time to time which adds more effort and cost in maintenance.
  • Heavy Weight: It’s pretty heavy. Because of that, it needs strong support during installation. Getting the right support structure adds complexity and requires professional expertise to ensure it’s securely set up.
  • Limited Colour Range: Unlike other materials, natural granite only comes in earthy tones. While these colors are nice, it may not suit everyone’s taste or design scheme.
  • Difficult to Repair: If your granite splashback were to ever chip or crack, repairing it would be quite the challenge. It’s usually fairly noticeable and in some cases, you may need an entirely new one.
  • Inconsistency in Colour and Pattern: This won’t be a disadvantage for those who appreciate unique patterns. For others who prefer uniformity, they may think otherwise. The inconsistency in color makes it less appealing to everyone.

Best Alternatives to Granite Splashback

Granite is pretty cool, but it’s not for everyone. Especially if you’re on a budget. Luckily, there are a few other materials that can get the job done and keep your wallet happy. Here we can take a look at some of the most popular options for granite splashback alternatives that can still bring some flavor to your kitchen.

  1. Quartz Splashbacks:  Not able to make up your mind on the design of your splashback? Quartz is the perfect material for you then. It has a variety of colors and styles that can fit any kitchen design, and you don’t have to worry about sealing it.
  2. Glass Splashbacks: Modern, sleek, and available in a myriad of colours, glass splashbacks are easy to clean and maintain. They reflect light, making your kitchen appear brighter and more spacious.
  3. Stone Splashbacks: Looking for a more classic approach? Then stone might be what you need. Although it’s not as consistent as granite or quartz, each one comes with their own unique benefit that any homeowner would love.
  4. Stainless Steel Splashbacks: If you want your kitchen to have that luxury look, then stainless steel can give you just that. It’s also really easy to clean so you don’t have to worry about spending hours doing so.
  5. Tile Splashbacks: Splashback Tiles Sydney are a good choice for those who are indecisive, offering a vast array of designs and colors. Not only do they offer flexibility in customization, but they are usually cheaper than granite too.
  6. Acrylic Splashbacks: Homeowners who are DIY’ers will love Acrylic. It’s inexpensive yet versatile enough to fit most kitchens, easy installation also makes this task fun instead of dreadful


When it comes to kitchen décor, there are a lot of things to consider. But one decision, in particular, that many people struggle with is choosing the right splashback. It has to have both aesthetic appeal and practical functionality. That’s why we recommend a granite splashback.

In summary, a granite splashback is perfect for any kitchen, blending modern-day functionality with nature’s artistry. You won’t have to worry about it breaking or becoming weak due to heat/humidity. However, there are a few factors that could deter some individuals from choosing this option and those include weight and cost.


Is granite backsplash a good idea?

Granite backsplashes are great for those looking to add a look of elegance to their kitchen. Not only that, but it’s resistant to scratches and heat as well. The installation process might be a little expensive because of how much care and skill goes into it. The total cost is also affected by color, thickness, and complexity of the installation.

Is granite splashback expensive?

The price of a granite splashback will usually be on the expensive side due to how high quality they are. It’s also important to consider that the more complex the design, the higher the price will be. Homeowners still think it’s worth buying due to its long-lasting appeal.

Can granite be used as a splashback in the kitchen?

Yes! Granite is one of the most sought after materials for kitchens because of how durable it is. You won’t have to worry about heat or wearing away for years. Plus, it looks great too.

What material is better than granite?

Determining what’s better than granite really just comes down to your needs and preferences for space. Some popular alternatives include quartz which offers a uniform appearance with no pores or marble for something more luxurious looking. There are other alternatives such as glass, stainless steel, or ceramic tiles as well.

Which is costly, granite or marble?

Costs will vary depending on factors like quality, thickness, and color. But generally speaking, marble ends up being more expensive than granite because it not only looks luxurious but requires meticulous care and maintenance too. However, rare or high-quality granite can also come with a hefty price tag so when you’re making your decision, consider long term costs for both options.

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