What Are the Leading Causes of Construction Accidents in West Palm Beach, Florida?

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West Palm Beach is a beautiful city that is always advancing. This means that the city is bustling with construction and projects that are being worked on. While that’s great to get business projects moving, it makes the city more prone to construction accidents. These accidents leave workers without the ability to continue working and needing to receive compensation.

The experienced construction accident lawyers at Kogan & DiSalvo Personal Injury Lawyers have provided some of the most common injuries that stem from accidents at construction sites. If they aren’t paying attention, then they could be one accident away from seriously hurting themselves or others around them.

Falls from Heights:

Construction projects often involve work at elevated heights, whether on scaffolding, ladders, or rooftops. While they have the materials, they need to keep them safe, sometimes accidents can happen. Falls from these heights constitute a significant portion of construction accidents in West Palm Beach. Lack of proper fall protection, inadequate safety measures, or failure to use personal protective equipment (PPE) can contribute to these incidents. Employers must double-check that everything is working before an employee starts a project from a specific height.

Electrical Accidents:

Electrical accidents are another prevalent cause of construction-related injuries in West Palm Beach. Construction sites typically involve the use of power tools, wiring, and electrical systems. That means employees need to have the knowledge necessary to work around this type of power. If a worker is involved in an electrical accident, then they could be severely burned or suffer brain damage. These types of injuries can be hard to bounce back from and result in having to take off work.

Struck-By Accidents:

Struck-by accidents happen when construction workers are hit by objects such as tools, machinery, or falling debris. The dynamic nature of construction sites, with multiple activities occurring simultaneously, increases the risk of workers being struck by moving equipment or objects, leading to severe injuries. If someone isn’t paying attention, then another worker could be hit by an object without any warning. This leaves the workers with severe trauma all over their bodies that can take them months to recover from. Causing them to have to take off work and need a good amount of compensation to stay afloat.

Caught-In or Between Accidents:

Construction machinery, equipment, and structural components pose a risk of workers getting caught in or between them. This is because workers are moving objects and walls around for a project. While they are prepared to move these objects around, there are times when people are not paying attention. Whether it’s a worker caught in moving machinery or trapped between construction materials, these accidents can result in crush injuries, amputations, or fatalities. These accidents can be serious and can cause loads of legal issues.

Unsafe Scaffolding and Ladder Use:

Scaffolding and ladders are integral to many construction projects but can be dangerous if not used properly. This helps workers get around the sites and move objects with ease. But if these tools are not checked, then accidents are bound to happen. Collapses, instability, or inadequate maintenance of these structures contribute to accidents. Workers may fall from unstable scaffolding or ladders, leading to injuries ranging from fractures to head trauma.

Inadequate Training and Supervision:

Insufficient training and supervision are underlying factors in many construction accidents. Workers need to have the right training if they are expected to work the job. Lack of supervision can result in risky behavior and shortcuts, increasing the likelihood of accidents. If these employers are not doing their job correctly, then workers could potentially sue for their injuries. Leading to more problems for both the workers and the company.

Structural Collapses:

West Palm Beach’s construction boom brings with it an increased risk of structural collapses. This is because these projects come with constantly designing buildings. If workers are not building these structures properly, they run the risk of dealing with them collapsing. Whether due to design flaws, construction errors, or inadequate materials, structural failures can lead to catastrophic accidents, endangering the lives of workers on the site. If these structures fall on them, then they must recover from injuries that might be difficult to bounce back from.

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Repetitive Motion Injuries:

While not as immediately apparent as other types of accidents, repetitive motion injuries are common in the construction industry. These actions can cause chronic pain for workers over time. Workers engaged in tasks that involve repetitive motions, such as lifting heavy objects or using vibrating tools, can develop conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome or chronic musculoskeletal disorders over time. With these new health issues, it makes it harder for them to look for work if they can’t continue with their job.

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Equipment Malfunctions:

Construction sites rely heavily on various types of equipment, from cranes to power tools. These machines require a lot of care and training to work on them. Equipment malfunctions, whether due to defects, lack of maintenance, or operator error, can result in accidents. Workers may be injured when machinery malfunctions or fails unexpectedly. This may require them to take off from work and investigate receiving compensation as they recover from their injuries.

Failure to Use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):

Personal protective equipment is a crucial line of defense against construction-related hazards. These are put in place to keep workers safe while working with this equipment. They must follow the rules to avoid serious injury. Failure to use PPE, or the use of inadequate or improperly fitted gear, increases the risk of injuries. Common PPE includes hard hats, safety glasses, gloves, and steel-toed boots.

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Construction accidents in the West Palm Beach area need to be taken seriously. These workers put their loves on the line to work on these projects and they must be protected. If employers are not taking the time to ensure that their employees are trained and equipment is working properly, then workers run the risk of getting seriously hurt. If you have been involved in a situation like this, then you must receive compensation. If your employer is withholding that from you, reach out to a trusted legal team in your area. They will review your case and make sure you get the justice you deserve.

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