What is Asphalt Prime Coat?

The shear strength of the final asphalt product is affected by the quality of the asphalt prime coat applied. Asphalt Prime Coat is also termed as emulsified asphalt, water diluted asphalt and Cutback aliphatic spray. Recently I have got the chance of working on a highway project somewhere in a mountainous…continue reading →

6+ Factors Affecting Design Of Pavements

A pavement is a hard crust constructed over the natural soil for the purpose of providing stable and even surface for eh vehicles. The pavement supports and distributes the wheel loads and provides an adequate wearing surface. Pavements are basically of three types; • Flexible Pavements • Rigid Pavements • Semi-Flexible Pavements The design…continue reading →

Advantages of Soil Cement

I had recently written an article about what is soil cement, what are the different ingredients in soil cement, how soil cement is used in highways and pavements and also what are the different types of soil cement. Now one of our fan and follower have given us a question…continue reading →

What is Soil Cement

We know that soil clay or sand is capable of withstanding heavy loads but is subjected to settlement, consolidation and deformation, which if not controlled, result in shear failure or an ultimate collapse of the structure. Actually it is a known fact that while mixing different construction material would also combine…continue reading →

Marshall Stability Test ASTM D6927

Marshall Stability and Flow Test is basically one portion of the Marshall Mix Design process beside Void ratios and Density calculations as other processes. Marshall Stability Test gives an idea about the sustainability and strength of the asphalt mix of various proportions under the dynamic loading of the traffic.As per…continue reading →

What is Job Mix Formula

Asphalt is basically combination of bitumen and aggregate, the surface of aggregates are applied with bitumen and then bitumen acts as a binding agent that makes it a solid and firm material called asphaltic concrete.Like we all know about traditional Portland cement concrete that its properties and strength is largely…continue reading →

Marshall Mix Design Procedure

The word asphalt, asphaltic concrete, bituminous mixes all is pointing to the same things almost. The shining blackish paved road we ride almost every day and almost several hours of our lives are spent over them is asphaltic pavements.You know asphalt pavements have the highest riding quality among all others The…continue reading →

Fatigue (Alligator) Cracking

The word Fatigue means repetitive action of loads, thus fatigue cracking by names means cracking due to the repetition of loads. As the pavement is subjected to number of vehicles of different sizes and loads the stress keeps on pilling up and thus the cracks appears which are interconnected in…continue reading →