What is Job Mix Formula

Asphalt is basically combination of bitumen and aggregate, the surface of aggregates are applied with bitumen and then bitumen acts as a binding agent that makes it a solid and firm material called asphaltic concrete. Like we all know about traditional Portland cement concrete that its properties and strength is largely dependent on the amount … Read more

Marshall Mix Design Procedure

The word asphalt, asphaltic concrete, bituminous mixes all is pointing to the same things almost. The shining blackish paved road we ride almost every day and almost several hours of our lives are spent over them is asphaltic pavements. You know asphalt pavements have the highest riding quality among all others  The transportation engineers, know … Read more

Raised Pavement Markers Cat\’s eyes Road Reflectors

Have you ever heard about a nightmare for a jet pilot, I mean except other, the one I know is foggy environment just when showers with thunders happen, a complete blackout and you can’t even land and are expected to have a fuel shortage. In such situations visual aids and lights might help you to … Read more

Rigid Pavement Steel Mesh Positioning Chair

In Rigid Concrete Pavement, most of the time is consumed while fixing the steel mesh and this rebar mesh positioning chair will save your time and cost. Its stunning for the time saving and cost saving projects. [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OuOYl4y-Ou8?rel=0&showinfo=0]

Plastic Roads – an innovation in pavement and highway engineering

Paving Streets and roads with asphalt can – in a not so distant future – become a thing of the past. The alternative? Recycled Plastic. And the Netherlands could be the first country to use this new type of road surface. Plastic roads would last up to three times as much as asphalt. Image: VolkerWessels … Read more