10 Futuristic Construction technologies

Over the centuries, engineers and architects have devised ever-new ways to build taller, stronger and more beautiful creations using game-changing materials like steel girders, earthquake-proof foundations and glass curtain walls. But what does the future hold for construction technology? Will there come a day when noisy construction crews are replaced by swarms of autonomous nanobots? … Read more

9+ Famous Historic Arch Dams that revolutionized designing process

Arch dams through arch action transfers portion of the load of the water thrust horizontally to the side abutments and the other portion of that load is transferred to the dam foundation vertically by cantilever action.   You might also want to read about what is arch dam, types of arch dam, arch dam design … Read more

Top 10 Deadliest Highways and Roads You Would Never Want to Drive on

Of course, many people have often heard the saying (but never really payed any attention to it) that driving is one of the most dangerous things we do in our daily lives. Indeed, getting behind the wheel of your ride and heading off to work or some other destination can be very dangerous. Statistically, the … Read more

The world’s 8 most intensive construction projects

In the building world, not all things are created equal. Some projects take no time at all, while others are ridiculously intensive, requiring thousands of man hours and millions of pounds. The following research is supplied by Niftylift, a company that specialises in boom lifts and cherry pickers – so they know a thing or … Read more

Universities offering Civil Engineering in Pakistan

Engineering is a feature of life since human being. Civil engineering in Pakistan is very capable authority that also deals with the future plan, different kind of structure, build design, dams, Bridges and buildings.  Pakistan has also some Civil engineering Universities in which students get the knowledge about this specific course. Complete list of all … Read more