What is an Arch Dam? Types, Advantages and Theory

Water retaining and head-works are imperative infrastructures for any country, providing endurance in terms of hydroelectric energy, water for drinking and irrigation purpose. In addition to this they put in a major boost to the aesthetics of that locality. Arch Dams an economical yet complex structureThe long-term survival as well as…continue reading →

What is Roller Compacted Concrete?

Recently while working on a dam project I go through a term called Roller Compacted Concrete. Mostly abbreviated as R.C.C but it must not be confused with Reinforced Cement Concrete. The word is enough to define itself; roller compacted concrete is a relatively stiff concrete mix that is spread with…continue reading →

Download Bentley Water CAD V8i full

In most of civil engineering projects from Housing to hydraulic related projects hydrology is mostly involved in combination with fluid mechanics. Water distribution networks are of significance importance from satisfaction of end user point of view.Bentley WaterCAD V8i SELECT Series 3Features of WaterCADDesign and modeling of water distribution have some…continue reading →

Water Distribution Operation and Modeling a Webinar

Traditionally, hydraulic modeling has been a reliable decision making tool for planning and design projects, but its use has been increasingly expanding to operations - from engineering support of operations to being directly leveraged by operators.Title of EventWater Distribution Operations and Modeling - Bridging the GapVenue and TimingThursday, December 18,…continue reading →

Download Hydraulic Design of Stilling Basins and Energy Dissipators for free PDF

Although hundreds of stilling basisns and energy-dissipating  devices have been designed in  conjunction  with  spillways,  outlet  works,  and  canal structures,  it  is  often  necessary  to  make  model studies  of  individual  structures  to  be  certain  that these will  operate  as anticipated.  The  reason for these repetitive  tests is that  a factor…continue reading →

Download Hydraulic Structures 4th Edition by P. Novak, A.I.B, Moffat, C. Nalluri and R. Narayanan Free PDF

The construction of dams ranks with the earliest and most fundamental of civil engineering activities. All great civilizations have been identified with the construction of storage reservoirs appropriate to their needs, in the earliest instances to satisfy irrigation demands arising through the development and expansion of organized agriculture. Operating within…continue reading →

Analysis of Different Hydraulic Parameters on the Structural Design of Dharma Nullah Bridge Taxila [PPT]

Project TitleAnalysis of Different Hydraulic Parameters on the Structural Design of Dharma Nullah Bridge TaxilaProject Abstract.The purpose of this project is to thoroughly study the various parameters affecting the hydraulic design of a bridge and studied various methods for the calculation of discharge for Hydraulic design of Bridge. The structural…continue reading →

Download EPANET for free – water distribution modeling software

To facilitate the simulations for networks of junctions, pipes, pumps, valves, and storage structures, calculating flow or water, pressures, tank elevations and concentrations of chemical species, water age and source tracing, United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) has developed a windows based software called EPA-NET. It was released back in…continue reading →

Download HEC-RAS FREE with User Manual

HEC-RAS stands for Hydraulic Engineering Center, River Analysis system, as the name suggests, Hydraulic Engineering Center (HEC) has developed this River Analysis System (RAS). Hydraulic Engineering Center (HEC) is situated in Davis, California, USA.  HEC-RAS is a computer program/software that allows you to perform one-dimensional steady and unsteady flow river…continue reading →