What is Stepped Foundation

The natural surface of ground is not always level and mostly to such an extent that there may be a considerable slope either across or along or both across and along the site of most buildings.Where the ground floor is to be at or just above ground level at the…continue reading →

Coduto Conditions for Soil Liquefaction

Liquefaction is a state of water- saturated, mostly cohesion-less soil whose shear strength is reduced to zero due to pore water pressure produced by vibration during an earthquake. The soil starts behaving like a liquid.Please See original Article to know more about Soil Liquefaction Donald P. Coduto a Professor of Civil…continue reading →

What is Foundation, Different Types of Foundations

Foundation substructures are structural members used to support walls and columns to transmit and distribute their loads to the ground.“Footing is the lowest part of the structure that distributes the load on a larger area to avoid any shear or axial failures of the structure”What is foundation?Design Criteria of Foundations For…continue reading →

What is Foundation Engineering? Course content, books, solved asigments, quizzes

Foundation Engineering is a very interesting and use full subject in terms of applicability and scope in civil engineering. Importance of Foundation engineers can be understood easily by considering the importance of foundation in a structure. This post is about the introduction of foundation engineering, course contents, assignments and books…continue reading →