Download Construction Project Management Book PDF by S. Keoki & Glenn A. Sears & others

The objective of this book is to present and discuss the management of field construction projects. These projects involve a great deal of time and expense; so close management control is required if they are to be completed within the established time and cost constraints. The text also develops and discusses management techniques directed toward … Read more

7+ Different Floor and Flooring Types

Floor is a flat / plane surface either smooth or rough meant to provide a functional place for the occupants to move or place things as and when required. The purpose to define flooring is not to show that it is uncommon or special; but it was to make it clear what floor is for … Read more

12+ Different Common Types of Doors

Well, the word door is a very common and a very widespread word; however, today we will explain and enlighten some of the unique types of doors you might not be familiar with. Before going into that let’s first talk about technical definition of door in civil engineering. “The arrangements made to provide free and … Read more

10+ Functional Requirements Of A Good Floor Sytem

Each type of floor has its own merits and there is not even a single type which can be suitably provided under all circumstances, and more so when floors have to serve different purposes in different types of buildings.  Therefore before final selection of any type of flooring one must know the functional requirements that … Read more

What Is Damp Proof Course (D.P.C.) And How It Prevents Dampness In Buildings?

The access or penetration of moisture content inside a building through its walls, floors, or roof is known as DAMPNESS. Damp rising from the soil either through the bottom or through the ground surface, adjacent to the walls. Moisture penetrating the walls as a result of rain beating on them during continued wet weather. Moisture … Read more