Download Repair, Protection and Waterproofing of Concrete Structures Book by P.H. Perkins [PDF]

An engineer who is instructed to investigate and report on a deteriorated concrete structure, and to prepare recommendations for necessary remedial work, should be clear in his own mind on the extent of this responsibilities to his client. If he is responsible for the inspection of the remedial work to ensure that the requirements of … Read more

Download Advance Concrete Technology by John Newman Ban Seng Choo Book Free [PDF]

The effects of natural aggregates on the properties of concrete Concrete is defined as a workable mixture of a cementations material mostly cement mixed in suitable proportion with fine and coarser aggregate along with water. Concrete depending upon reinforcement is of two types, plain cement concrete (P.C.C) and reinforced concrete (R.C.C). Download Advanced Concrete Technology  … Read more