50+ Civil Engineering Materials MCQs

Civil Engineering Materials includes the introduction as well as detailed characteristics of various structural and construction materials used throughout the world, like timber, steel, concrete, bricks, cement etc. Here are 50+ multiple choice questions (mcqs) related to civil engineering Materials 1. ___________________is obtained by distillation of bituminous shales. a. Coal tarb. Mineral tarc. Wood tard. … Read more

Sawing of Timber, Cutting of Timber

Saying of Timber may be defined as  “To cut the logs into various formations into pieces is called sawing.” Purpose of sawing The logs (trees after felled) if not cut for a long time would results in circumferential shrinkage because of drying of moisture from the outer most part and less dryness in the inner … Read more

What is Timber, Merits, Demerits Growth and Structure

Variety of Construction Materials are being used now a days depending upon the availability and transportation cost, lesser the material available expensive will be the structure and as a result structural engineer might have to think to change the material accordingly. In mountains where brick is not easily available due to less availability of plain … Read more