For what purpose is Distomat used? – Applications & Advantages

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If you’re into surveying you might be interested to know that what purpose is Distomat used for? Gone are the days for manual distance measuring devices and techniques like Speedometer,  Passometer, and Pacing. Digital instruments like distomat offers great value and convenience in terms of measuring distances in various engineering and construction works. It’s a small and compact device that you can carry easily in your pouch.

Although it has a limit to measure distance of maximum 500 meters but still it’s enough for most jobs. It typically involves aiming to a reflector and reading the distance.

Because the device is not well-known so a lot of survey and engineering students are wondering to know that what purpose is distomat used.

So, in our today’s blog we’ll help you understand the real purpose of using a distomat, the working principle, advances, and how you can make use of such a unique utility:

What purpose is distomat used?

Distomat is used in engineering and construction works to measure distances that are smaller than 500 meters. It is a compact electronic distance measuring device that works by pointing it to a reflector, touching a key and reading the result.

One of biggest pro of using electronic distance measuring devices (EDMs) like Distomat is that you can quickly get accurate readings and that too come with minimal error. Typical or conventional measurement methods like chaining are bothersome and result in various errors that you need to take care of. But that’s not the case with distomat.

Working principle

The distomat works on the principle of measuring time-of-flight of an energy wave emitted as a laser or infrared beam. You need another surveyor to hold a reflector at the far end point. Distomat direct the energy way towards the reflector.

The elapsed time between the emission of energy wave and its return from reflector is then related to find out the distance between two points.

Since the speed of light is constant, the distance can be determined by multiplying the elapsed time by the speed of light. To minimize the atmosphere conditions like temperature and pressure, the distomat uses high-frequency, low-energy signal.

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The distomat are widely used in surveying, engineering, and construction applications, as well as in mining, archaeology, and other fields. They can measure distances with high accuracy, often in the millimeter range, and can operate over long distances, up to several kilometers.

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Advantages of using distomat

Increased Accuracy: Distomat uses electronic distance measurement (EDM) technology which allows for highly accurate measurements, even over long distances. This is particularly useful in construction projects where precision is crucial.

Faster Data Collection: Distomat is able to quickly and easily measure distances and angles, allowing surveyors to gather data at a faster rate than traditional methods. This can save time and money on construction projects.

Reduced Human Error: Distomat eliminates many sources of human error that can occur when using traditional surveying methods. By using electronic measurements, the risk of errors is greatly reduced.

Greater Efficiency: Distomat can store data electronically, which allows for easy sharing and analysis of the data. This makes it more efficient than traditional methods, which require manual data entry and analysis.

Increased Safety: Distomat eliminates the need for surveyors to work in dangerous or hard-to-reach areas, such as on a steep slope or in a confined space. This can increase the safety of surveyors and other construction workers.

Easy to use: Distomat is user-friendly and easy to operate, even for those with little experience in surveying. This makes it accessible to a wide range of professionals, including engineers, architects, and construction workers.

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