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Modern surveying involves use of sophisticated scientific instruments, mathematical methods and computational techniques. This book on surveying explains comprehensively the principles of surveying instruments and derivation of mathematical formulae. Separate chapters have been written on “Underground surveys” and “Computer Programs in surveying” to incorporate the recent developments in this field.

Surveying is basic to engineering. 

Before any engineering work can be started we must prepare a plan or map of the area showing topographical details. This involves both horizontal and vertical measurements.

Download Fundamentals of Surveying by S.K. Roy

Engineering surveying is defined as

\”those activities involved in the planning and execution of surveys for the location, design, construction, operation and maintenance of civil and other engineering projects. \”

The surveying activities are;

  • Preparation of surveys and related mapping specifications
  • Execution of photogrammetric and field surveys for the collection of required data including topographic and hydrographic data.
  • Calculation, reduction and plotting of survey data for use in engineering design.
  • Design and provision of horizontal and vertical control survey networks.
  • Provision of line and grade and other layout for construction and mining activities. 

Title of the Book

Fundamentals of Surveying

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Author of the Book

S.K. Roy

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Contents of the Book

  1. Introduction
  2. Errors in Measurement
  3. Measurement of Horizontal Distances
  4. Electronic Distance Measurements
  5. Levelling
  6. Permanent Adjustments of Levels
  7. Angles and Directions
  8. Compass Survey
  9. Theodolites
  10. Traverse survey and computations
  11. Curves
  12. Vertical curves
  13. Areas and Volumes
  14. Tacheometry
  15. Plane table surveying
  16. Topographical survey
  17. Construction surveying
  18. Underground surveys
  19. Computer programs in surveying

Download the Book

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