DIY Pool Removal – 8 Reasons it’s not the best approach

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Let’s face it; there are plenty of DIY projects around the house that can bring a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. However, DIY pool removal should never be on that list, and here’s why: it’s a disaster waiting to happen.

Reason 1: Choosing the Wrong Pool Removal Method

When it comes to inground pools, you have two primary options: partial pool removal or full pool removal, each with non-engineered or engineered backfill choices. For above ground pools, the process may seem simpler, but it’s still far from easy. The risk is high, and the stakes are higher when you venture into a DIY pool removal, as choosing the wrong method could lead to hazardous consequences and limitations on your property’s future use.

Reason 2: Messing Up a Partial Pool Removal

3 You might think that draining the pool and filling it in is a walk in the park for a partial pool removal. But hold on – it’s not as simple as it seems. Proper drainage, correct concrete layering, and appropriate soil compaction are crucial. Failure to do it right might leave you with a sinking, swelling, or seepage-filled nightmare.

Reason 3: Lacking the Proper Equipment and Experience

DIY enthusiasts often face the issue of lacking the right tools and equipment for the job. Sure, you can rent them, but operating heavy-duty machinery without experience is like playing with fire – accidents waiting to happen. Professional pool removal companies have both the equipment and the expertise to ensure a smooth and safe process.

Reason 4: Ignoring Gas and Electrical Lines

Hitting gas or electrical lines while working on your DIY pool removal can lead to a catastrophic situation. Professionals, on the other hand, are well-versed in locating and securing these lines before any mishaps occur.

Reason 5: Mishandling Pool Draining

Water may seem harmless, but improper draining can cause severe damage. Chlorine-laden water can harm aquatic life or vegetation if not disposed of properly. Professionals know how to handle this aspect safely and legally.

Reason 6: Choosing the Wrong Fill Dirt

All dirt is not created equal, and using any dirt you find may spell disaster. Trash, clay, and other organic matter in “free fill dirt” can cause complications in compaction and drainage.

Reason 7: Using the Wrong Kind of Fill Dirt

Even if you get the right fill dirt, the ratio with topsoil is critical for a stable foundation for new construction or plantings. Professionals know precisely how to achieve the right balance.

Reason 8: Underestimating Fill Material Requirement

s Pools demand a substantial amount of fill material, and miscalculating can lead to a costly mistake. Professionals have the expertise to determine the correct volume of fill dirt needed for the job.

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In conclusion, DIY pool removal is a colossal job that demands experience and knowledge, especially for in-ground pools. While it might seem like a cost-saving measure, the potential risks and consequences are far too great. Consider enlisting the help of professionals to ensure a safe and successful pool removal process. The last thing you want is to create bigger problems or end up hiring experts to fix the mess later on. Leave this one to the pros!

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